Prized Possessions and Giveaways

Oh man, I’m overworked I guess! Yes, I worked a lot on my blog yesterday, although it still looks like hell! I must easily have read 500-550 blogs just last night (I may still be wrong but I’m adding crude numbers here).

Yes you, yes you, my readers, my likers, my viewers have handed me the greatest gift a writer/blogger can ever have – readership! You were always there, but I only just found you. And you bursted in, through an unnoted door, and thronged this place like it has never been.

When I woke up in the morning today, I saw figures on my stats page, that didn’t seem to add up with my regular viewership. So I checked it closer and found that you have made one of my posts, an absolute heart-throb (I won’t boast by mentioning it here)and no, I hadn’t stepped on the tail of some spamster. You gave my writing today, a real sense of credibility. And although I know I’m still a microplayer in this world of mega players, I still feel important! I for once saw, I can work with you and for you!

You do amazing things. You lift spirits up, you drive a mind crazy, you make people work like they never do in their offices. You are the soul of writing – dear Readers! Us writers write for your pleasure of reading. And you make and break days in an instant! Trust me, I tried working last year on this blog and there were several instances when I wanted to quit this place and dive into sports or something that take my mind away from this misery called life.

But this January, I made a promise to myself to absolutely and whole-heartedly go for it! Make this place mine. I started fiddling with it till it felt readable. I realized the importance of hard work in our day-to-day life. I realized, what we do today, reaps benefits later, for we’re recognized only later after all that we have, is exhausted! For those who have made it a point to stick with this blog through its thicks and thins, I wholeheartedly thank you! I’m sorry too. I forgot you or rather missed you for WordPress upgraded much of its features and I never got updates about any of your posts. But all this has changed, for you’re all in my sight now. I see you all everyday. I read around 300 blogs everyday and I like or give feedback on most of them. Some that I don’t like remain untouched!

Still today, you may not notice them, but I get comments that tell me I’m not creative enough! They are phone calls of course. You are all I have, see, for out of all my twitter and Facebook followers, no one ever links to this blog and reads me! It’s only you, the WordPressers that keep me going! You are my second habit, the first being a combination of libation and something explicit that I may share later!

Some may question, why tell this story now? Because the first time, I reached a milestone, I failed to acknowledge it. I under-grasped its gravity. And it took me what, close to 20 months to better that record. What makes me feel prouder is, I got it all done, not through reblogs or shares. but with what I write everyday. That figure of 225 views in a day, that I achieved very very early in my blog, seemed mediocre for a while at the start but it had nearly become unsurpassable. No matter what I did, I could just never repeat the feat again. But I did today, I crossed 300 in a day!

I know days are going to be, quite the same from tomorrow, but today I bask in a glory I only dreamt of. I’ve had my pastries and juices and sweets that sweetened my day further. I enjoyed it. I thoroughly soaked in all that I can.

I sense a vulnerability here though, a weakness for I’m giving myself away to strangers, but I trust you. You won’t hurt me, will you? Please and always remember – you’re the only prized possession I carry. Rest are just giveaways!


Bloggers Meet – Not So Much

You must be an eternal moron to make me choose between an India Vs Pakistan Cricket match and a bloggers meet! The answer will always be – I’ll skip the meet!

Yeah yeah… I had planned to attend an bloggers meet today (the first ever social event of my life) but sadly, today was also the World Cup match between India and Pakistan and I just can’t have it on my conscience to not have watched the match – JUST CAN’T!

But please, don’t forget to call me for the one that doesn’t coincide with a cricket match involving India!

I Love You All!

Well what-a-bummer! I can’t find the post I would’ve dedicated to todays Daily Prompt. I just can’t find it. Damn you WordPress and damn my stress.

But I guess it’s good for me. I hate this practice anyway, of dedicating a post belatedly to a later event which in this case is the Daily Prompt. I notice so many bloggers doing it and they beat us, the regular wannabe writers to the daily post and sadly most of them are bloggers who post brilliantly manicured and pedicured images. All that they have to do is add a link to the Daily Prompt in any of their earlier published posts and there you have it, voilà! So when a new blogger reaches their post, they see 75 odd likes and they think why, how the hell does he have so many likes, remaining completely ignorant about the date they published that post!

Not that I’m complaining, and I have no reasons to, because my readers have been terrific and kind to have handed me their appreciation and love ever since I created this blog. Whether in its infancy or teenage, this blog gets dear readers who make it worthwhile to sit up straight for hours together and compose a post that tests my imagination and creativity. I love you all. And your trust and appreciation is what drives me. I’ve wanted to write a post thanking my readers ever since January when Views Splash went into overdrive. But one thing or the other always pushed this post to the rear but not today.

I’ll say it again – Thank You and Love You all! I, from my heart, appreciate all that you people give me everyday that most friends can’t. All my failures are a push for further excellence and all my success is a toast to you – My lovely readers!

Daily Prompt – Lucky Star

I’ve had an awesome and tiring day. Learnt a lot, played a lot and breezed through my coding assignments. After a thought in the evening though, I had nearly given up on doing the daily prompt for today but it was just too easy to throw away. So here it goes. 3 things I’d like to do with the wishes granted to me by The Daily Post –

1. I’d like to visit all the awesome places that people post about in their blogs. Not that I’m jealous or something but I have a genuine need to see the world (as is mentioned in my introduction).

2. “Gimme all your money”. Yes, please make me rich. Let me have that feeling before I die – the feeling of satisfaction that for once I don’t have to think about the money I’m about to spend.

3. Give my parents and parents-in-law a long stress-free life. They’ve really struggled to get where they are and deserve a lot of peaceful and disease-free retirement years.

Zee2Etch – Task #13

Task #13 of the Zero To Hero Challenge required me to build a better blogroll.

So, what is a blogroll? A blogroll is a list of links to blogs that the blogger (me) likes.

It was a term I had come across a year ago when I started my journey into the Blogging World. And I chose to completely ignore it. I did that only for one reason – I am not here to make myself famous. I’m here to share what I think, to know what others think about the articles, topics or thoughts I share. This is my playground and I decide the game I play and the rules of it. If I have to be famous, I’d rather be famous for what I do than the means I put into it. I don’t see myself reaping any materialistic benefits from my blog. A reason that still remains and hence, blogroll full of commercial articles (to gain traffic and all) isn’t meant for my blog.

Therefore, I’m sharing thoughts on my blogroll – thoughts shared by fellow bloggers/thinkers/therapists that relate to thoughts I’d have someday written about. Following are the three thoughts I’ve preferred to share and add to my blogroll after a lot of searching –


– This post has “Love Yourself” written all over it. This is incidentally what my wife is teaching me too.


– This post has a line – “But don’t compare. And don’t assume”. This is a thought I believe in. When we compare ourselves to others, I sincerely believe that we are losing ourselves to them and their life. Read the post and you’ll know what I’m saying.


– This is a thought I follow and is meant for all you lazy bums out there. Get your asses off your beds and do something meaningful else all meaning may get lost.

I’ll keep adding links to my blogroll from now on but only with thoughts. Nothing commercial and nothing sellable. Pure, good thinking which may serve some good to us.


Yours Truly.

Dear Readers,Writers,Bloggers – Reviews Please!

Hi Everyone out there! I have a very kind request to make. Please don’t ignore it. I am literally on my knees as I type this. Let me introduce to you again, 2 parts of a story I have authored –

1. Save Me – I

2. Save Me – II

Kindly please, please review them from every angle possible. I would love to hear your comments and reviews and of course, for those who would like to give their opinion in private, you may also email me at

I am desperate for reviews. It would be really hard for me to go ahead with my work on the later parts of the story if I’m not told where I’m wrong. I know I’m wrong but I’m not so good to know where I am. Please take out a minute or a few and oblige.

Thanks a million tons! 😀

Thanks a lot – 2012 in review!

Thanks a lot everyone for making my blog what it is today and helping me shape it for the future. I know I’ve been delivering only Dilbert’s lately but I haven’t been getting much time lately to write anything. Whatever I could, was a handful about God that I always wanted to write. But original posts will surely come more frequently and better than ever.

Thanks again!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,300 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.