Things Change and How!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Transporter.”

A lot has changed. From the time when a tiny boom box painted the rainbow of sounds across our home, as it churned out melodies after melodies on the radio and cassette player, to today when I have my sound at my fingertips. The smell of food that filled my heart will forever remain attached to the sounds I heard then. I see my mother in the kitchen, now and then. One ever so busy mother, with a job at hand, making sure all’s in order for lunch while me and my brother freshen up and change into regular clothes.

The table cleaned, waiting for a flurry of dishes be placed on it, to embrace them, to taste the curries that filled them. The table loved us. While we dearly waited for my dad to arrive, on his scooter, “Priya”, the sound of which got everyone into action. The table, all dressed, invited the hungry ones. Hungry ones always found the way. What would normally start out as lunch with sun-filled eyes ended in a blur. Somehow I don’t remember a single thing I did after lunch, probably clean the table and sleep was all I did till my pretense of being grown up finally showed through – then I studied, had to, never knowing why.

Today, while I wait for my maid to ring my doorbell and prepare what SHE calls food, I recall those afternoons, for I took them lightly, for they may never happen again. Such sweet memories and each one has a song for it. Like a straw that flows, I’ve seen a lot along the way, things appalling and shambolic, things that make me hum tunes, from the distant past. Tunes I won’t forget. Some Things change and how and Some never can!

Here is one of those tunes that reminds me of those lunches, the siestas and the pretense I now call “Studying” –

Time Warp

Let me assure you that the crop of girls in our college was never very respectable. Well I’m not a flatterer myself but humans always have an image of the opposite gender they want to flirt with. I had one such image of really smart girls, well dressed and today I was seeing them aplenty. Those girls from Satyam Computers HR department. Man my sore eyes got a field day.

Yes, Satyam Computers from Hyderabad arrived in our college to conduct off-campus recruitment. We knew they were going to, 6 months ahead, for we prepared for it. I certainly had but wasn’t sure whether it was adequate. Group discussions, personal interviews, aptitude tests, technical interviews were all practised. It’d been so hectic, I, in my mind had already cleared the interview.

The day finally arrived. We were called at 6 am in the morning only for written tests to start at 10 am. They enrolled everyone and I along with it, got my early morning jaded eyes laid on some of the beautiful ladies who had arrived. With all my documents in my bag and resume in my hand, I kept roaming the campus behaving like I’d never seen it before. I was living it, absorbing the magnanimity of the occasion, and had made up my mind to not get nervous.

The day ended, with me still alive in the competition. Went to my room and kept preparing for the interviews tomorrow. We were called at 6 am again for they were going to be very thorough in their selection. I wasn’t bird watching today. Each candidate, all 116 of us were grilled through the day when at 11:30 pm, they declared that I was selected. Joy knew no bounds. This was one of my time warps!

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It starts all over – again!

There are moments that define you, that change the course of your life and then there are ones that set you the tone for those defining moments!

I just returned from my brother’s marriage, happening as it was, I really enjoyed there. Loads of fun, some fools around but they don’t matter! But most fun of all was I danced! I danced like there was no tomorrow and frankly I had two reasons to be so happy – both me and my bro were gonna start a new life. That moment was so epic, I couldn’t help but let myself bask in its glory. Nothing could deter me and nothing ever will. All my planning, all my money, all my resources consumed for one sole purpose since last couple of months, so much so that I had started to ignore my work – the results of which are now coming to the fore. I can concentrate on myself now, I can build my life now and can finally live now.

To another man, it may seem that marriages are a way of life and you must always be prepared. But then they are other men. Me – I’m too coy and unsocial. These occasions are ones that turn me into someone who is just not me. No more. No more of these occasions will I have to face and live through.

And at the end, it became incredibly overwhelming and all sorts of small things started to bother me. People who think they know me, now know they don’t. They won’t hurt me, they won’t beseech me. I can be left alone for myself and for my wife. It’s time we started our life afresh – again!