Daily Prompt – I Won’t Bribe!


I’ve made mistakes. Who doesn’t? I’ve said it time and again – mistakes are the first step to learning. Mistakes make people of high character. People who make mistakes and learn are of reliable virtues. They have seen life and learnt from it. I have never regretted a single mistake in my life. I have sooner or later only learnt from them. That has made me strong. I don’t boast very high of myself but whatever I do, I almost always say that I’m responsible and reliable. I let people depend upon me. I don’t mind it.

I made one such mistake in most dire of my time. So desperate was I that it felt tough to raise my eyes and face myself in the mirror. I knew it belonged to me but it just wouldn’t make me feel it. Watching damned movies at home, passing my time when nothing was in my hands. My desperation had dissolved my confidence to tears. It kept eluding me. I had done my best and yet something somewhere was wrong. I had stepped on someones tail and he was avenging it.

I tried bribing. An enemy enacting a friend got my trust and I shoved a lot of my dads hard-earned money in his hands to let me have what rightfully belonged to me – success. A month passed, 2 passed but by then I knew I stood duped. Nothing came to me. Neither the money back nor the success. I had dealt a wrong hand and had lost the bet. I got my punishment though. 2 more failures beckoned only to make the taste of success even sweeter.

What did I learn from this? I was only fighting time. It was only a test of time to test my patience, to make me see the ebb of the human character – my character. I fought time. I fought adversaries like only I could. I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt a lot about my family and friends (that I don’t have many).

How would I like to do it over? I know I can’t. All I know is life has thrown a lot worse than that at me and I’ve stood tall. I still look menacing. I’m still destructive. I’m just harder to hit. For I’ve learnt and learnt to get back up when all seems to be over. I seek positives, despise the negatives. I won’t bribe. I stand against corruption!


Biswas: Some good reads for the week

BBC News – Biswas: Some good reads for the week.

This article is about India and the past week. India is being squeezed. Both politically and economically. Both inside and outside. It’s heart rendering the way Indians are being made to pay more for what could be cheap. Currency is bouncing back after a big time stutter against the dollar. The market is going up. But where we are lacking is an understanding of why Indian law makers appear to be so lax to create reforms. Basic necessities are getting out of hand and as I speak, the writer of this blog is reaching the day one-by-one where he will soon be declared below-poverty-line. Not that India is struggling by itself, it is being made to struggle by politicians, filthy politicians who for their own benefits are stopping reforms that’ll stop their own Swiss bank accounts from filling up with dollars. I do not recall even a single reform measure that has been given a go-ahead in the Parliament straight up till date unless there is only one party sitting in the office. Every one has a voice and they fight and debate and create ruckus of all kinds against anything that takes their own money away. Corruption anyone? Yes, big time.