Ping Backs

For all those who are still persevering with the pingback links from the Daily Prompt… HATS OFF TO YOU! TAKE A BOW from a lower man, for I’m done with them unless really necessary or if I write for a prompt and it needs a link back.

For all those who do it, I guarantee that I will like your post unconditionally for you’ve really gone through some effort to pull those links from the source code of the page of the Daily Post and make them look really nice in your post.

Happy PingBack’ing!

Take Care!

Zee2Etch201#3 – Get The Look

I’m very satisfied with how this blog looks because a lot of time, patience and multiple trials have resulted into making it look neater and brighter, with a lot of links that don’t look cluttered. So, no effort is required to change the look here.