Why The Prejudice?

Our parents love us. They only think the best for us and it’s very natural for them to be protective of us for we are their prized assets. Their lives revolve around us and I’ll forgive them if, during our childhood, they leave us bereft of certain experiences only because they think it’s dangerous. But sometimes what starts as protectionism from parents, if let out of control, ends up culminating into a barrier for us to experience our true being. They try and change things in us without knowing fully the implications it may have on us later.

One such phenomenon in our society is parents trying to change the dominant hands of their children. India is a land of a trillion mesmerizing things and one of them are superstitions. And it is quite natural that some of those fallacies are built around the taboo that is associated to the use of left hand. Let’s take it from the top when the child is born with a dominant left hand. A child is born with no such knowledge and if the behaviour is never interrupted, he may never notice that he is out of ordinary or ominous in any way. Imagine how normal his life would be. However, if he hands over his money with his left hands in our society, he is asked to change the hands first and then give it again, for it is wrong to hand over money with left hands. Now try and concentrate on the dilemma and embarrassment a child would face when he is asked to shy away from the most mundane inclination of using his left hand and he isn’t wrong at all. Superstitions such as below have forever kept as befooled –

  1. Performing any ritual with left hand is ominous and God won’t accept your gift. Really? Don’t our religious books say that you are perfect in God’s image of a perfect child? He only asks you to be in gratitude for the gifts he has rendered to you and a left hand is one of them!
  2. We’re also deterred from using our left hands to eat or cook and these limitations are most commonly dished out upon females who use kitchens more than men do. It is claimed by various studies that females are lesser prone to be born left handed and so, if ever a female around us is a southpaw; simply observe the uniqueness without judgement and prejudice.

Now recall the Indian hygiene habits in our Indian toilets. Do you think that’s where everything went wrong for Indians who were born left handed and then were forced to change their dominant hand? Wouldn’t correct hygiene habits get us rid of all the dogma? Had some of the famous southpaws been scorned for using their left hand, we wouldn’t have witnessed those Amitabh fight scenes that we whistled on, or Yuvraj’s 6 sixes in an over, or that first over hat-trick by Irfan Pathan against Pakistan. To sum it up, DON’T EVER meddle with the intuition that your child is born with.

The Story Of A Lemon Race

“Did someone just POOP?”.

I dreaded/dodged this question for an awfully long time during my childhood. Well let me just admit it – I had weak bowels! I suffered disasters when none expected them and hence, the QUESTION. Those, who’ve borne witness to those grotesque scenes will admit that my primary school days weren’t very kind to me, and to them.

The issue as of today stands CORRECTED and hence, no qualms exist!!!

However relieving this embarrassing announcement is, announcing “IT” isn’t the primary aim of this post. But then, it also isn’t the aim of this blog, to find old classmates. In a rather surprising turn of events, Hina, my classmate from one of my primary schools, dropped me a warm message a few days ago and I couldn’t help but let you people in on it. I haven’t felt so thrilled in ages. You can find her comment in the link below –

Unforgettable Past – ITARSI – The Escapade

She not only remembers the characters in the post but she also was kind enough to let me know, how great our school really was during those days of limited resources and how exactly she stumbled upon my blog. She was searching for the name of our school and that’s how she came across Views Splash. Not only does the search thing on Google work, it actually provides my blog in search results too – amazing, isn’t it!

What I do want to share with you today though, is how I cheated for the first time (that I can remember of). It was nearing evening when our school decided to hold games for all the classes the next day and a messenger announced it in every class in those email-less days. I can’t recall clearly but think I participated in a couple of events, one of which was the “Lemon Race”. After being told to bring a spoon for the race, I was explained how the race is run. The contestants hold their spoons in their mouth using the handle and place the lemon on the curve and run without dropping the lemon. Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins!

I went home and told my mother about it. We sat for dinner when I saw my brother suckle at his favorite spoon and an idea struck the dead neurons in my brain. The spoon you see was quite broad at the handle and had a rather deep oval.

“This will definitely suffice my need” and so I thought.

After the dinner, I picked the spoon, placed a lemon on it, pursed the handle of the spoon between my lips and ran. The lemon fell after a few steps. I ran again and the lemon fell.

“This isn’t working”.

I tried again to check my fault and it turned out, the oval was doing its job correctly at the front but the lemon jumped ship from the back i.e. the handle end. So I worked with the spoon a bit and lifted the oval of the spoon to roughly 165 degrees with the handle which further deepened the spoon and gave the lemon a resting arm. I ran again and this time the lemon didn’t fall off. Now I happily awaited the next day to check out my competition and see how everyone else was faring with their spoons and whether there were any tricks used like I had.

The next evening arrived and the event-o-clock struck. As I went around casually checking everyones spoons, I found they hadn’t tinkered the slightest with the spoon. I started feeling guilty the moment I hit the finishing line in the first place. I saw everyone and only one other boy had managed to finish with rest trying to figure out where their lemons scurried to.

I won a plate, with a rather uncomfortable conscience, and yet I was still proud, not for winning the competition though. I was proud for I tried something different with my brain, something I wasn’t really used to. Regarding the guilt, I guess I was so small then that, it was better I left the guilt at the finishing line.

The reason for this post is 2-fold –

1. Weekly Writing Challenge – Memoir Madness. I now proudly say that –

“When life gave me lemons, I won a lemon race”.

2. The link between my confession in the first part of the post and the second is the friend who found me. A lot of school memories came flooding back and I shared two of those with you, the ones that really turned some of my early ways. It shows how embarrassment and guilt are some of the ingredients I’ve dealt with in my recipe called Life.

Veinous Thrombosis and Embarrassment

Veinous Thrombosis! Rings a bell? It didn’t to me. I first heard it when I visited the hospital on Thursday.

It was one of those visits when I realized, right before entering the doctors chamber, what I’d been doing wrong for a long time. A wrong sitting posture and remaining seated for a prolonged period. When the doctor held my left calf, I knew what he was looking for. He was just brilliant and trust me, I somehow knew what he was going after – after I had explained my problem.

The problem started to occur last August when I slid down 10 stairs on a slick rainy day, like a bum on my bum and kept sliding till I hit a dry spot. Not only did I hurt my back pretty bad, it left a lot of bruises nearly everywhere on my backside. I did recover fast but the problems have started to recur and they make it pretty difficult to walk or be athletic, the ways that the burly me can be.

So the doctor held my calf and told me that the entire area is swollen pretty bad and feels very stiff too. He also noticed the blue marks of clots that had magically appeared during the last few months and ached like hell. As I hate spending money on my sickness, I had tried a few cheaper medical cures myself for past 5 months or so, that included painkillers and muscle gels. But nothing had worked and nothing could have. The doctor told us that an ultrasound was required of the said leg for any clots that may be preventing proper blood flow in my veins.

So a few hours later, there I was in the radiology room, with a very young nurse staring at me. Let me make this situation very clear to all of you. I have gotten my pants down in a hospital before but each time, the nurse was a lot older to me and with whom I felt no hitch doing so. But this time, the nurse was very young, around 10 years younger to me and somehow she was rather amused at my inability to bring my pants down in front of her. So, she looks at my face and tells me to remove the jeans off from the left leg! Now how the fuck am I supposed to accomplish that – remove the jeans just from the left leg? I looked around, sat and thought about it for a while but couldn’t figure it out. So I asked her if she meant I have to remove the jeans completely and she said (still giggling) – Yes Sir!

I did so and there I was laying on the steel frame , with goo all over my leg and a man touching the what nots!!! That was so damn embarrassing! Yet I still have no clue what was amusing her so much to keep giggling for the next 45 minutes of my examination. I felt I had committed a crime and that totally sucked! Man I was furious and the fuckiest part was – I couldn’t do a shit about it!

Anyways the good news, that puts a smile back on is, ultrasounds came clean and there are 90% chances that there is nothing to worry about. I’m on medication now, special sitting positions for relaxing the leg, no exertions and no pressing of the calf. And the limp continues till the pain subsides!

P.S. – Not attaching any image as they were too gross to display on this blog!