XBOX 360 Hostility

It’s become a regular occurrence now. My office installed a set of XBOX 360 and our team is usually the first one to hit it right after lunch. So there we’re sitting having a nice little FIFA 14 session when someone who’s just finished his lunch comes in and asks for a remote. Well HELLOOOO!! Everyone who’s still playing just keeps looking at the screen like the new guy will somehow magically find a playing remote and the other person still has his hands held out like we owe him to let him play.

You see I’m normally the giving type though and I hate situations that make me uncomfortable. So everytime this happens, it’s me that yields and hands over his remote to the new guy. Now all this is fine with me but mustn’t it be courtesy to at least let me know when you’re done playing?

Also there are morons who when not given a remote to play, turn off the console and return to the seat while others are still playing, holding their remotes in their hands, and made to look like complete jerks.

Try working in such hostility and you’ll know what I mean!


2014: Important Dates & Events

2014: Important Dates & Events

The first post of 2014, well isn’t actually mine. But the days and dates listed above may well serve a lot of people, so I decided to share it. As you may find, exciting sports events pack up this year – ICC T20 World Cup in Bangladesh, FIFA World Cup, India’s Tour of England. This year also marks a lot of landmark product launches including a few by APPLE.

Make sure to go through it!