Live Stress Free

The way I am, I prefer to consider that everyone is struggling and are unhappy in their own right. They got lemons and failed to make lemonade out of it, just like I failed on umpteen occasions. Now here’s why I do that:

This way I never mean to do any harm to another human being, at least knowingly. And still there were times when I was made a complete jerk off. My home has often been a shelter for some people who’ve fooled me into believing in their plight. It’s only later when I’ve had time and space to explore their side that I’ve come to know how foolish I really was. But I don’t throw them out, just try and resolve their concerns with me, if any. When they find out, that I know about their truth, they automatically leave out of guilt.

Even then, I believe, till the damage can be repaired I won’t mind sheltering people for I have, in my own right, done a good deed. I also feel this is one way to live stress free, by taking satisfaction in the fact that you’ve done a someone some good and forgetting about it, than pulling the heartache of the betrayal along in life, which eventually is a baggage not worth of our time and energy.


Fight to Forgive

Headphones – CHECK!

Libation – CHECK!

Cell Phone – CHECK!

Dog – CHECK!

Doors – CHECK!

So we’re ready to go!

Before we start, a song I got reminded of with the prompt –

I’m FAT! I admit it. I’m fat since birth. From that sweet cuddly coochie coochie puff-ball to this mountain of a man, I’ve come a long way. The situation changes though when you have issues accepting it!

And I always took this word as an insult all throughout my schooling. For some reason, it never fitted an honest description of mine, and I’m honest!

There was this guy Manish (for some reason I can’t recall his surname), who often teased me about it when he was 30 kgs heavier than I was then! He had a belly when he was in 10th grade, and I don’t want to demean him or anyone but he truly walked like an elephant!

Then one noon, the anger inside me just went through the roof. He along with some others, started making fun of me yet again when I clearly wanted to study. It was time for face off. We started pushing each other like all Indians start off and then came the heavy push from him. He threw me back a dozen steps back before I regained control again. This was it! No one will ever bully me again (or so I thought) and went full throttle, all my weight behind my head and shoulders and struck him on his chest with my fists. He flew – his bum right into the dustbin behind him. The scene was delirious! All my anger vanished right then. I went up to him, pulled his bum out from the hole, and he winked! I’ll forever remember the wink!

He never teased me again, in fact, a couple of months later, he left school and came to say a proper goodbye on his last day.

I’ll forever remain proud of what I did. It taught me of the strength in my body, of my quick feet and most of all, of my forgiveness!

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