Future Haze

It’s always been a mystery to me how people can create their future in their heads and act accordingly now. For me my future is a blur. I’ve always been the reactive kind, dancing to the tunes that life plays for me. I’m so involved in my today that I hardly ever get time to think about tomorrow, bless those who can see others futures too. Is it intuition that they talk about? Or are they simply differently gifted? I believe I am gifted but my gift lies more enjoying my now than going after something that won’t necessarily be there for me as I see it.

Some people tell me that all it takes is knowing yourself better, knowing your preferences and an inclination to act to your whims today. That’s what I do I guess but when I ask questions, they tell me I have to set an intention for whatever I want to achieve? For which material goal should I set an intention for when nothing material interests me any more. My goals are all subjective like attaining total freedom, from the society, from the corporates, to find out what I’m here for and simply go after it.

I guess I need to fill myself with love and abandon all fear to attain what I’m after. Just on course though, to don’t know where, and while I’m at it let me say thanks to all the lessons I’m learning and how I’m being enabled to shed and heal.

Know them Apples

A colleague just narrated a small anecdote to me this morning –

A teacher asks a girl one-day – If I give you 1 apple and then 1 apple and then 1 apple, how many apples will you have?

Girl replies candidly – 4!

Teacher asks again – Please think again child, if I give you 1 apple and then 1 apple and then 1 apple, how many apples will you have?

Girl replied – 4!

The infuriated and confused teacher thought – what if she doesn’t like apples?

So he changed the question to strawberries.

Teacher asked again – If I give you 1 strawberry and then 1 strawberry and then 1 strawberry, how many strawberries will you have?

Girl replied – 3!

Teacher was happy. He turned to apples again and asked the same question with apples. The girl again replied – 4!

Confused again teacher, asked – Why 4 apples but 3 strawberries?

Girl replied – I already have 1 apple in my bag!

That only says – always try to know if the other person has any hidden apples with them already! Or in short always try to know the other side of the story as well. May be you know a lot, but sometimes, time and conditions beat you to it and what you know becomes redundant!