Yeah I’m bitten. I have a secret love bug that bites my ass each time I see a beautiful woman. It’s true, so true that you can see me scratch a cheek that very moment – yeah yeah, that shy dirty way, swaying my head away so no one notices me! I have a nasty habit of staring at things that grab my attention and that includes women. I see them till I’ve noted everything. Nope not in a bad way at all, in fact, as my wife will tell you now, it’s in my nature to seek details – whichever sense they entail.

Homing in on 5 years of marriage and it still holds true. I’ve never stopped staring at women, I guess I never will. What has changed though, is the women don’t change now, they’re none but one, she’s the one and only one – my wife. She doesn’t mind me doing any of the rotten stuff that I do, except the real disgusting ones, for she is my center of attraction all the time and oh how she loves attention!

Not that I went anywhere but home when I was single, but then it was sheer habit. After marriage though, it isn’t any habit, but her that I come home for. Such is the hurry, colleagues hardly see me in office after 7. Straight, without a thought, at the gate, honk, shrek barks, and I see her as I enter my home, all fresh, smelling flowers or strawberries, turns all of that shitty day right around – trust me!

I’ve also noticed that I fall head over heels for women with power, in any form. And she’s nothing but power. Power to attract, power to charm, power to talk, power to love, power, power, power!

I’ll let you in on a secret, shhh, quiet down, yes you, the one munching, else she’ll hear me – I do really weird stuff to grab her attention. I think she doesn’t know it yet or she does and I’m the fool again, but the point is, I often throw tantrums just to grab her attention, her eyes as she walks by, as she cooks, as she watches TV.

I love you baby – although I have no clue what love is. I just hope it never changes!

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I’ve Danced and Once!

I’ve danced and once. That was it and that’s it! I’m never doing it again.

We in India have a practice of leading the groom to the marriage hall and it’s one of the most festive occasions with lots of fun and lots and lots of dance. It’s so crazy that some faint, some need ice baths, some glucose water and energy drinks, and all of them look like they’ve arrived from a war when they finally reach the ceremony site! This part of the marriage is called a “Baaraat“. Yes they are “AAAAA” sounds (open your mouth out wide and just make a sound) on both sides of the “R”.

The dancing is the craziest part. I enjoyed it thoroughly when people and relatives danced madly for me in my marriage and I danced too, for myself, but most, who saw it, would say I looked more electrically shocked than a dancer, and even I refrain from calling it a dance. It was absolutely no holds barred. My brother made it his occasion though. He danced throughout the Baaraat and had to get his lungs pumped for air later, so tired was he. But it was terrific. I couldn’t have loved it more. But his advantage was always a lean body and that somehow he always got his moves gelled together beautifully.

In the image featured with this post, you’ll see a boy in a grey suit in the center. That’s my Brother and that was the madness that night!

Not me!

I am shy. I so hate my dancing skills that I’d rather even not talk about them. But as I am to talk about them in this daily prompt, I’ll say I’m slow, crawler, who moves like a sloth. Someone asked me then – “All prepped up for Baaraat?”. I started sweating profusely at the question itself. Oh how will I survive that ordeal?

The answer, as I’d come to know it, was in my mind itself. I understood the meaning of the term “Let Go” that night! It just ticked. I heard it tick. I think I’m understating it a bit. It was a ticking bomb waiting for that perfect condition. The songs were already playing and I saw a few of my relatives starting to gather between the commotion. I knew this was it. The volume rose, the beats started, and so did my feet. I didn’t care what song that was. After the first couple of moves, I thought it wasn’t difficult and people kind of expected me to dance that night. It was my brother’s marriage!

And once I started, I don’t remember stopping or pausing except for water breaks. I danced till the brothers from the girl side finally carried him into a prayer on their shoulders. And then we danced some more! I remember one of my better friends coming to meet me and I hugged him when suddenly my legs went numb and I fell right on his feet! Damn!

I’ve never danced more and I’ve now danced enough! But I learnt a lot about myself then, lessons never to be forgotten!

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Walking On The Moon – You Kidding!

The Best Moon-Walker on Earth
The Best Moon-Walker on Earth

Have I ever walked on the moon? No I haven’t. I don’t have that imagination. Moon has a great face but I can’t look at it every night. I get bored.

Would I like to walk on it? Nope. I am a man of small steps. I learnt it the hard way that it’s the way life forms around you, one small step at a time. But yes, I have tried two large steps for the size of my own steps and succeeded once and failed once.

I was about to test untested waters. I was about to drink the elixir to success. But what an experience it was. After spending a year waiting for my results and reappearing in my exams, when I’d almost given on possibilities of leading a normal enough life, I enrolled for a course in Mainframes at the advice from one of my kind seniors. It was a rage back then and everyone who could get into one of these courses considered himself blessed. But only a few got through for everyone forgot one very basic aspect of recruitment – Aptitude. Not to boast of my skills in non-technical areas, but I’m pretty heavily loaded on that side. In this course though, I came out in flying colors and got my first job at Accenture. It wasn’t that hunky dory as it sounds here but I’m skipping very many details for my readers convenience. I guess “walking on the moon” doesn’t even start to cover the elation I felt when I got through my last practical exam! It’s been smooth sailing ever since.

Yet 4 years later, I was at crossroads again. Get married or not? I gave up on relentless insistence from my parents and some from my heart too but what a decision that was. If I had ever thought that I’d known the world enough, I was about to be proven grossly wrong! It was a whole new meaning of dealing with the world. The number of relatives tripled overnight and I suddenly had to remember every name that popped in discussions with my wife. I had to deal with grocery stores and bill milk packets and vegetables. A visit to a supermarket was a must for our requirements had gone “Super”. I failed miserably and as this prompt will say – “I broke my leg walking on the moon”. But I’ve recovered. A few bruises hither and thither, I feel fit enough to deal another round with life. Just no bad news please. I’m petrified!

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Save Me – Adam and Eve!

Maya was the pie among the sister-younger brother duo. Nothing could take the pride off from her parents’ eyes for she had turned into a brilliant and free minded child. She was creative, intelligent and foremost independent. They knew she will one day make them proud and they allowed her all the freedom to flower into a fine lady. And Oh! How she did so!!

A boring and clueless engineering course paved way to her dream – Entrepreneurship. Her own business was her idea of making a mark on the world and she surely would leave no stone unturned to leave a few on her path to success. She was right most of the time and this turned her into a cruelly stubborn boss. People who worked for her, had to bear with her attitude, a possession she was very proud of. Her penchant to look far into the future and her sharp business acumen often left her counterparts and business partners mesmerized and bewildered. Her clientele grew steadily and a few years later, she was the envy of the town. She had achieved so much in just 3 years and was yet to turn 23 with a long way to go.

With success and glory illuminating her path, her parents decided to hook her up. She never had time to date men. Good men were hard to find and the closest, a dirty male soul had ever gotten to her was right in the circumference of her slap which was delivered promptly. Ads on the internet garnered a fair a response and after resisting a lot of offers, she finally gave in to her parents and decided to meet Amit.

The world Amit was raised in, gave him a lot less freedom to communicate openly. His parents were strict, expected a lot from him and after a while of sustained pressure, he crumbled in his final year of engineering. For it took an entire year for him to get through the last semester, was his greatest guilt. He had not only let his family down but himself too. He was a bright child but had experienced his childhood a lot differently than his younger and by his own admittance, an even brighter brother. The results never showed his true potential and he didn’t know what career path to take, so he gladly obliged by following what his parents wanted.

A lot of fight and struggle turned him into a toughened young man and he understood the world better. He was practical and appreciated the use of attitude, power and free will. This was where Maya was his right match.

Across the table they sat talking business, future and career. They instantly hit it off and understood they were made for each other. Their eyes never left the others and they dived right into the heart of the matter – life. How they perceived it and had seen it, they were open and crystal clear about their feelings. After 5 hours of wine and food, they knew only 1 thing about each other – Gratification and acceptance of truth were mutual – qualities both cherished. Amit had fallen head over heels for her beauty and with everything else included, he knew she was the first right thing to have happened to him in his life – Thank God for internet – he had mused with a smile.

Dating, engagement and marriage were swift, productive and affectionate. They moved to New Delhi and while they were both aware of the dangers of living in NCR, progress wasn’t negotiable.

4 years into the marriage and things had changed dramatically. While Amit blossomed in his career, marriage turned to be a kryptonite for Mayas career. 3 flop deals and 2 failed pregnancies later, Maya was seeing the ebb of her career. She was disturbed for she hadn’t contributed to her household the way she had always wanted to and for a while too. Amit had forever been there for her but for him – Someone’s got to earn and feed first – and the distance had grown. So she decided to get a job. While it wasn’t as high paying as her business, she could still hold her head high at home and it was satisfying for now while she gathered her resources to get her business started again.

A year and a half into her job, she had turned into a vital cog for her department. Nothing went in or out without her consent and her boss never had to worry about any reports ever again. It was one of these reports that would get her late from her work again. But this night had taken it’s turn for the worst.


One evening.

Elena said,”I talked to brother Prince today. He asked me to move to Mumbai for a while to give me a change of locality. A fresh locality just might give me some relief from my recurring nightmares from the accident”.

Sam replied,”Even I have thought the same. It’ll freshen you up and keep you away from all the shit you are going through and may even pavé a better way for you to increase your business, Mumbai being the BOLLYWOOD!”

Elena,”Prince said he could look out for a better apartment than the one he now lives in as he could now have a stable house if I am moving in with him. Also as I would move out from Delhi, you could shift to a smaller house and we can save a lot of money from it which could add to our savings. I will take some stuff from here which you won’t need as you would be alone and we can save some money from that too”.

Sam replied,”But you should keep a deadline for yourself. If you aren’t able to do well for yourself by then, you will leave Mumbai and move to our home town and look to set up whatever business you can set up there. You will also then be able to look after both our parents. That way they’ll be happy, you’ll be happy and they’ll also help you manage your financials. But then this is the last option you’ll have. I’m sorry but we can’t afford any more chances after Mumbai for your business to grow up as we’ve failed a lot and it has cost us a lot of money. We need to move on with our life to better pastures”.

Elena replied,”Yeah I second you. If I won’t be able to do it in Mumbai, I guess it’ll be time for me to look for smaller and more beneficial deals than setting up a business from scratch and that way I would get to stay with our parents for a longer period”.

Next noon.

Elena called Sam and screamed,”You know what? Screw that plan. I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t have any money to settle there and don’t yet have any contacts that can help me start my influence in the industry. I won’t be able to do anything there. I should just probably stay at home and cook food and take care of our home!!!”.

Sam stayed quiet as she hung up the phone.


Easier said than done I guess.

Marriage. A bonding of 2 souls. A conjoining of 2 bodies. It’s not a relationship (for relationships are farcical) but a lifelong agreement of two minds to put their own separate interests behind the interests of their unity, health and wealth.

What if the two are going through a phase wherein they are absolutely unable to help one another during the times of dire need? Both of them are helpless, for the world around them is falling apart and yet they refuse to let go of each others hands. They stand committed to die together and willing to make sacrifices not everyone around them would be willing to make. What if the sacrifice pushes them apart for awhile only to get together stronger and start their life on a stronger foothold than the one they previously started on?

Would you allow it or choose the easier option of simply staying together with limited means and with the hope that someday things will get better and they will eventually see a life they had together dreamt of? Shouldn’t we give ourselves enough chances to let us turn color our life in our favorite color?

It starts all over – again!

There are moments that define you, that change the course of your life and then there are ones that set you the tone for those defining moments!

I just returned from my brother’s marriage, happening as it was, I really enjoyed there. Loads of fun, some fools around but they don’t matter! But most fun of all was I danced! I danced like there was no tomorrow and frankly I had two reasons to be so happy – both me and my bro were gonna start a new life. That moment was so epic, I couldn’t help but let myself bask in its glory. Nothing could deter me and nothing ever will. All my planning, all my money, all my resources consumed for one sole purpose since last couple of months, so much so that I had started to ignore my work – the results of which are now coming to the fore. I can concentrate on myself now, I can build my life now and can finally live now.

To another man, it may seem that marriages are a way of life and you must always be prepared. But then they are other men. Me – I’m too coy and unsocial. These occasions are ones that turn me into someone who is just not me. No more. No more of these occasions will I have to face and live through.

And at the end, it became incredibly overwhelming and all sorts of small things started to bother me. People who think they know me, now know they don’t. They won’t hurt me, they won’t beseech me. I can be left alone for myself and for my wife. It’s time we started our life afresh – again!

Marriages and not relationships are made in heaven!

Marriage is not a relationship. Never confuse them. Marriage is a bond of love, honesty, truth and respect for each other. A relationship is a meek form of attachment so people can just remind each other that they may in near future get concerned about you and may need you to get concerned about them.

It’s my brothers wedding and I’m so excited – so excited that I’m yet to get my happiness mood throttling at full rev. I’m elated to say the least to watch him do the things that I did 3 years ago. He has always followed my footsteps – something I will always be proud of. He hasn’t repented it and so won’t I. The girl is a lass from a simple family like ours. Marriage was always on the cards and so there they are – together waiting for the D-day and I am elated – yooo-hooo!!! Marriages really are made in heaven (if one ever existed)!

Yet all of it seems to have been stolen by the fact that I will have to meet so many people, all at one time, in a single hotel with a lots of rooms. It’s scary to say the least.

Why why why??? Why some of us (like me of course) are scared rather mortified to meet new people? Is it the fear of getting ditched leaving you heart-broken again feeling the sad state of the world around you? Is it the fear of seeing your parents in agony again when all that they want is everyone’s happiness and yet the world around them would dish out the smelliest shit there is? Why is no one ever happy with the arrangements done at a wedding? Could have done this, could have done that – how is it that everyone at a wedding is a sudden expert at arranging weddings? Why won’t they just understand weddings don’t happen many times in a home and mistakes (if any) would be a part of any extravaganza? Is it too hard to understand that a person spends his lives’ earnings on his son’s marriage only to earn further rebuke and from whom – people who left when he was in need of care and help, people who back bit him and bitch behind him when they got a chance?

Can love and truth truly be unarmed? Can true concerns ever sound like genuine concerns?

I doubt so. We have become too self-centred. In an age when a son is not necessarily of his father, how can you trust people remotely connected to you to be truly concerned? They may be concerned but are only about their own comfort.

I say fuck them and move on ‘coz they’ll never truly love you not even on your grave.

Look at the coincidence – as I write it, I’m listening to the song “Life is a roller-coaster” by Ronan Keating and it has a line worth mentioning –

Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it.

Oh and let me dedicate this song to my wife for today!!!

3 years – Quite a journey so far!

Yes, you read it right – I’m celebrating 3 years of my marriage today. Never thought it would last this long but then I guess, no one says marriages are to end small. And trust me on this – I want to make it big, REAL BIG!

Did I have to work hard for it? YES, initially yes! Quite a long “initially” actually, but then there’s a saying – well begun is half done! And I wanted to begin the journey well, REALLY WELL!

How has it worked out till yet? Way better than my expectations… I guess I have to totally owe this to my wife for staying by me when I was fighting my past, trying to live my present and prepare for our future simultaneously. You have been a wonderful support sweet heart… I shall forever be grateful to you for what you have made out of me and for what you intend to turn me into. I guess you inculcated that extra fight in me when I seemed to totally give it up. I have broken down so many times and each time I came out a better man… and all thanks to you!

You deserve so much more than what I have given you but I guess time will bring it to us better and in insurmountable amounts to make it up to us.

Till then be the way you are and have been!

Love You and Happy Anniversary baby!