Bucket List

A dedication to this post is the song whole world loves –

This list isn’t exhaustive and will never be. I can’t see my future and won’t imagine it too, for vivid dreams have a way of becoming stumbling blocks for happiness. But here are somethings that I want to do, to get my head straight –

1. Grab my first chance at a solitary holiday for a month or so. I need my time doing nothing, no contacts, no family, no communication, no gadgets. Just food, water, me and may be some strangers who deal in nothing but love.

2. I want to go soundless once. Listen to absolutely no sound, so I can listen to myself, for I want to clear the noises in my head, that have become quite a puzzle to solve over time.

3. This one is explicit and can’t be revealed here. (Thinking sex? Bingo!)

Dave Mustaine v/s Metallica

I know I know. I’m too small and too uneducated a human to judge anything about these Gods of metal!

Still, I think Metallica lost a lot in losing Dave Mustaine. They could have been what no one in future could ever have been. On a positive note though, with their separation, may be Dave got what he always would have yearned for – a huge creative room for excellence which he has constantly displayed through Megadeth! And hence, we now have not one but two super great Metal bands in Megadeth and Metallica!

All hail Megadeth and Metallica – from a forever fan of metal!