Why The Prejudice?

Our parents love us. They only think the best for us and it’s very natural for them to be protective of us for we are their prized assets. Their lives revolve around us and I’ll forgive them if, during our childhood, they leave us bereft of certain experiences only because they think it’s dangerous. But sometimes what starts as protectionism from parents, if let out of control, ends up culminating into a barrier for us to experience our true being. They try and change things in us without knowing fully the implications it may have on us later.

One such phenomenon in our society is parents trying to change the dominant hands of their children. India is a land of a trillion mesmerizing things and one of them are superstitions. And it is quite natural that some of those fallacies are built around the taboo that is associated to the use of left hand. Let’s take it from the top when the child is born with a dominant left hand. A child is born with no such knowledge and if the behaviour is never interrupted, he may never notice that he is out of ordinary or ominous in any way. Imagine how normal his life would be. However, if he hands over his money with his left hands in our society, he is asked to change the hands first and then give it again, for it is wrong to hand over money with left hands. Now try and concentrate on the dilemma and embarrassment a child would face when he is asked to shy away from the most mundane inclination of using his left hand and he isn’t wrong at all. Superstitions such as below have forever kept as befooled –

  1. Performing any ritual with left hand is ominous and God won’t accept your gift. Really? Don’t our religious books say that you are perfect in God’s image of a perfect child? He only asks you to be in gratitude for the gifts he has rendered to you and a left hand is one of them!
  2. We’re also deterred from using our left hands to eat or cook and these limitations are most commonly dished out upon females who use kitchens more than men do. It is claimed by various studies that females are lesser prone to be born left handed and so, if ever a female around us is a southpaw; simply observe the uniqueness without judgement and prejudice.

Now recall the Indian hygiene habits in our Indian toilets. Do you think that’s where everything went wrong for Indians who were born left handed and then were forced to change their dominant hand? Wouldn’t correct hygiene habits get us rid of all the dogma? Had some of the famous southpaws been scorned for using their left hand, we wouldn’t have witnessed those Amitabh fight scenes that we whistled on, or Yuvraj’s 6 sixes in an over, or that first over hat-trick by Irfan Pathan against Pakistan. To sum it up, DON’T EVER meddle with the intuition that your child is born with.

The Thumps from Heaven


Look around and find your favorite barber.

“Make the sides neat and don’t touch the top… it’s thin anyway!” Laughter.

Shick Shick Shick… Shick Shick Shick – goes the scissor!

You close your eyes, for you have no clue how the hair will look like once they done. Try thinking of your problems – why why why? Why do my best memories desert me when I’m reminiscing?

Water, GULP!

Shick Shick Shick… Shick Shick Shick – goes the scissor again!

You are now engulfed in a trance full of treble! You let yourself loose, hands and legs draining energy, like through a hole and into the chair that somehow comes alive and starts responding to your shifts in the seat. The foam feels softer and homely.

An hour passes. A mouth homes into your ears and pleads politely asks – “Your hair look amazing. Head Massage Sir?!!”

Your head spins, shuddering back to reality, brain processes the words and thinks of the cash at hand. Satisfied, you just nod affirmatively.

Then come the beats and bass to the treble of the scissors. The persisting trance gathers momentum, running faster, stronger, drawing you into winds of gusto. The head blows, the crashing sound of cool oil on your scalp, the skin let loose, stretched to proportions unknown to you. Pain, pleasure, discomfort, comfort. The only voice you hear is your own when you moan.


A vibrating machine fills the last needed colors to an already colorful canvas. Ears, eyes, scalp, neck – it goes everywhere, leaves nothing to imagination and sucks the last remaining demon from your head.

It stops. What? Where? Why? Is this it?

“2 hours have passed sir!”.

Waking up from the slumber and that vicious chair, you see the world in colors unknown. They’re vibrant. So vibrant, they bring you to life. I came back to life.

Only my shoulder, so relieved from the massage, knows how difficult was it to ride back home.

Want a haircut? Come to an Indian salon.

Learn From the Children

A few days ago I thought, what would it be like to still be a child? Clean as a slate. No problems, no rights, no wrongs, an indomitable spirit of a flying falcon, ready to pounce on every opportunity to play and do whatever he wants to – that’s a child!

I was thinking aren’t rights and wrongs mere perceptions? A child doesn’t come into the world knowing what’s right or wrong. We teach it to him. Some may say, we only teach them so they be careful. But aren’t we just suppressing an inherent nature to toy around with things? Aren’t we scaring him even before he tries? Yes, you got to hold his back but give him a fighting chance to instill the necessary courage and self-confidence to meet his goal! A child does what’s absolutely clear in his head. We simply got to teach them to trust and respect us.

They must be allowed to learn their own way. We must never fiddle with their nature for they’ve got to understand themselves early. They’ll eventually figure it out but it’s only they who have to – not the parents. Parents I know, may feel a bit bad about what I’m saying, but I have countless examples around me that are trying to just be themselves and not someone elses image of perfection. And they are the ones who are truly happy even in their failures, for they can positively and most assuredly say, they are on their paths to their own idea of glory.

Not everyone is a Mahatma Gandhi or David Beckham by birth. We must teach the children to think straight, give them knowledge that helps them achieve their dreams and I highly emphasize on “their dreams”. We should tell them the meaning of dreams and how important they are for contentment. Because without contentment, all that we achieve and earn is worthless. We can never be at peace without it.

Money is nothing but a tool towards contentment. Money is and will forever be the reason for the greatest wars and terrible atrocious crimes. He who has money is as discontented as the man without it, because he never finds out the true purpose of holding it. So he keeps running after it all his life, gaining nothing and hurting a million others. Why does he need it? Why is running after it so important? Parents have to make sure that they set an example to live modestly so children themselves never raise their bar of expectations – those expensive toys, iPods, iPads and stuff. Parents have to let the children outdoors, for indoors is where all the bad stuff is.

One person though who still has the heart of a child, is my wife. She doesn’t understand the complicated. Most people simply misunderstand her because they think she’s playing with their heads, being all intelligent and cunning and stuff but trust me, she isn’t even a decimal percentage of what we call cunning. I am cunning. I know people who can’t be trusted and they are so close to me. And yet all she cares about is, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She can’t seem to understand why on earth is she hated so much. My poor baby! How do I tell her, oh man!

I guess, she is the perfect example of who you must choose to be right from the start – free, warm yet chilled, and peaceful. And these traits are so easy to attain, if we grow up respecting everything that earth has to offer. People, animals, air, water, soil – respect everything and the world will respect you and that way, you’ll already have achieved 95% of what you may ever seek in your life.

And I keep thinking, why am I becoming a preacher when I can never follow it myself? Because that’s what I’ve chosen to be. To be the oppressed, a shield to someone who doesn’t know how to shield herself. I’ll take the hits while you run with your life. You just be… yourself. For that smile on your face is what keeps me going!

We have to learn from the children for we’ve forgotten the meaning of freedom and unprejudiced thinking. It is as simple as that!

Mulling and Mauling

Too Many Questions and No Answers
Too Many Questions and No Answers

I’m all smiles now. After 13 years away from my parents and a lot of struggle to make a living and surviving on it, trying to prove myself in every sphere of life, is it too much to ask for satisfaction?

Not asking for too much, can this perturbed soul be granted freedom? Let some spirit come and take my soul away. Free it. Let it find satisfaction for it is clearly not possible while living on this planet. This isn’t a post in depression but happiness.

For once in my life I imagined a good place, good people, satisfactory job and a happy family. All these days, especially the past few years, I’ve been so busy stabilizing my life from the earlier jolts, that I could only now let my spirit run free and try to look on the other side.

What I live now isn’t too bad. It’s just undisciplined monotony. The one that gives me enough sleeping hours to keep by brain sane. Nothing except that is stable. The list of “must-dos” just doesn’t seem to shorten. The long nights never let an early morning pavé its way into my routine. I’m getting so obsessed with blogging, I keep thinking of things to write about, even in my dreams. And hence the long nights.

Is writing my goal? Not sure but I’m giving it a serious thought these days. I’m not a very versatile writer but am good enough to make a living writing for small town newspapers I guess. Small little things that don’t need heavy-duty vocabulary and as I get better, things could move further. Yes, I’m thinking of an alternate career with no pedigree to show for it. It’ll have to start small, very small. But these are just thoughts.

Then I ought to have kids too. Family’s gonna grow. Wife’s got to have a stable career. And this is when my bubble bursts. Why do I have to think about anything else when I’m already doing pretty good in my current profession? I need something else to do. I’m blogging yes but it isn’t exactly a source of income, is it? I am the lone earner in my family and should I give up on my current income? Do I need a second income? Well, who doesn’t? But how much effort will it be? Will affect my productivity in the better of my jobs?

That brings me to my career. I feel I’m at crossroads and deciding which direction to pursue is giving me a hell of a time.

Daily Prompt – Money for Nothing

Dream Job? Is there ever one? Isn’t the grass always greener on the other side?

Imagine a room full of servers and everything that a company or a firm does has to go through you. They have no way out of it. You designed the system and their money depends on it. I am responsible for everything I built and run. That’s my ideal job.

Do I have it? Well I’m close to it. I’m learning things as I go and 7 years into my industry, I can safely say that I’ve learnt a lot of what I do. I create things alone, run them, serve my clients, make money for my company.

My ideal job isn’t actually a job. It’s the conditions that’ll suggest if it’s ideal. I don’t like being bossed over. I mean, let me have things my way. Don’t create a hostile environment around me. It suffocates me, it takes the breath out of my creativity and prevents me from giving my best. Any job that doesn’t involve these conditions, is my ideal job.

Do I earn the money I want? My question is – is any money ever enough?

By the way, I got promoted yesterday! Yayyyy!


Daily Prompt – Lucky Star

I’ve had an awesome and tiring day. Learnt a lot, played a lot and breezed through my coding assignments. After a thought in the evening though, I had nearly given up on doing the daily prompt for today but it was just too easy to throw away. So here it goes. 3 things I’d like to do with the wishes granted to me by The Daily Post –

1. I’d like to visit all the awesome places that people post about in their blogs. Not that I’m jealous or something but I have a genuine need to see the world (as is mentioned in my introduction).

2. “Gimme all your money”. Yes, please make me rich. Let me have that feeling before I die – the feeling of satisfaction that for once I don’t have to think about the money I’m about to spend.

3. Give my parents and parents-in-law a long stress-free life. They’ve really struggled to get where they are and deserve a lot of peaceful and disease-free retirement years.

Daily Prompt: Lets (Red) Face It


How am I left red-faced?

When I smell a stinky appalling urinal bang opposite to the temple those morons worship in.

When I see the haste to not even let an old woman cross a road.

When I don’t see people turning their vehicles off on a 2 minute signal.

When I see open canals filled with nothing but litter.

When I see how the government uses the money I pay them.

When I see that government can’t do shit about the status of women in this country. Rapes just don’t cease to exist.

When I see uneducated healthy children and adults begging on the streets.

When I see how people shake hands even while taking full part in irresponsible acts.

When was I last left red-faced?


Daily Prompt – The Show Must Go On


Rather than tell you what I would want to be in a movie, I’ll tell you what I’d rather not be.

A director and the actor are artists. They require a tremendous amount of creativity. They are people who are on the screen directing peoples emotions the way they want to see it, the way they visualize it. They bring mortality to imaginary characters.

I’m not creative. I’m a guy of processes and initiatives. I’d rather collect than create. So I’d better be a producer or even lesser – an associate producer who’ll do everything for a producer all the while learning from the process as I’m a novice in the movie business as of today! I’d learn how to invest in a movie and make it come true gathering the best people for their parts for directing and acting! I’d watch the real faces of the actors from the background and their tantrums and how to deal with each of them in the future. And last but not the least, I’d make more money than anyone on the sets and they’ll forever care for my offers. I’ll be strict with my schedules and will make sure to see no over-budgeting in the movie. Efficiency will be my second name.

Zee2Etch – Task #11 & #12

Today I commented on 3 different blogs. Blogs of different genres on things I’ve loved –

1. http://picload.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/underwater-swimming-through-bubbles.jpg

– There is something really kinky about mermaids.

2. http://journeythrul.com/2014/01/16/money-management-rehab-living-in-dc/

– I’m a terrible money manager and this is a nice insight to my situation a few years ago.

3. http://sueghosh.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/figuring-out-spirituality-religion-or-people/

– Religion and spirituality is a topic I’ve always negatively embraced and I’ve certainly explained it as well.

These are the three posts I’ve commented on as a part of the Zero To Hero Challenge Task #11.

Now to get the task #12 started, I’ll continue my thoughts on the second –

The second post tells us how the author Juliane is waiting for a loan disbursement and how she is anxious about how it’ll be managed.

You know I’m in the same place now. Next month I’ll get some amount of money whose consumption is what I’m worried about. It’s not good enough to do me any good but it’s good enough to turn me into a pedestrian from a limp in my journey to financial freedom.

I’ve been wasted. And I’ve wasted a lot. I can never care about money no matter how hard I try. I mean where would we take it once we are dead? Obviously we need to have savings for emergencies but that is all I’ll save for. Not for my kids or anything else. For everything else there are insurances and people can happily use them.

But credit cards and loans are what started my downfall. Not that I didn’t love the money when I had it. I spent it and I did it lavishly. Got a bike, BOSE Speakers, a laptop and what not. But you know something – I don’t cry for money now for I have the best things for my survival and they are enough to let me live.

Since then I’ve gotten married and now I have a budget to run my home every month. I learnt it in 4 difficult years during which I paid off my credit card debts and loan defaults with the help of my family. Now I keep up an expense sheet – both current and forecasted. This helps me get a grip on things I’m supposed to do in the future and what I’m not. What hurt my budget and what can be accommodated.

Other than this, I don’t have enough financially bended mind to understand money and I don’t want it too. It’s just too much work and I have enough of it in my office to take care of.

Here’s my forecasted budget for every month, the way I do it –

Rent 14200
Store 11000
Maid 2500
Electricity 600
Mobile 1500
TV 600
Internet 1685
EMI 5000
Petrol 1000
Shrek 2500

Other people have any other ideas, please do share. Just keep them simple.