Things Change and How!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Transporter.”

A lot has changed. From the time when a tiny boom box painted the rainbow of sounds across our home, as it churned out melodies after melodies on the radio and cassette player, to today when I have my sound at my fingertips. The smell of food that filled my heart will forever remain attached to the sounds I heard then. I see my mother in the kitchen, now and then. One ever so busy mother, with a job at hand, making sure all’s in order for lunch while me and my brother freshen up and change into regular clothes.

The table cleaned, waiting for a flurry of dishes be placed on it, to embrace them, to taste the curries that filled them. The table loved us. While we dearly waited for my dad to arrive, on his scooter, “Priya”, the sound of which got everyone into action. The table, all dressed, invited the hungry ones. Hungry ones always found the way. What would normally start out as lunch with sun-filled eyes ended in a blur. Somehow I don’t remember a single thing I did after lunch, probably clean the table and sleep was all I did till my pretense of being grown up finally showed through – then I studied, had to, never knowing why.

Today, while I wait for my maid to ring my doorbell and prepare what SHE calls food, I recall those afternoons, for I took them lightly, for they may never happen again. Such sweet memories and each one has a song for it. Like a straw that flows, I’ve seen a lot along the way, things appalling and shambolic, things that make me hum tunes, from the distant past. Tunes I won’t forget. Some Things change and how and Some never can!

Here is one of those tunes that reminds me of those lunches, the siestas and the pretense I now call “Studying” –


Lone Party

Ever experienced polarity? No I’m not talking about polar diseases and all. I’m talking magnetism. Have you noticed how North and North repel each other? I know most of you would’ve. That’s what we are – parties and me! We go away from each other at a mere whiff.

What are parties? All that a party does for me is hand me a lemonade, and I’m always left picking out the lemons from it. I don’t like them and parties don’t like me either. Those who’ve seen me at one, say the parties may have been better without me. The max that I do is linger around in the corners, out of every eye, bobbing my head at the beats with pizza in my hand.

So I concluded few years ago that it’s better to party alone than with anyone else. So here’s the concept and it’s called “Lone Party”. I don’t know, how many of you have any such concept but this one really works for me. Here’s what I do –

I start to walk alone, headphones in my ears, to a place unknown that has awesome  and my favorite music. Once I find one such place, I look to order some food that takes time in preparation. Meanwhile, I grab a coke in my hand and start bobbing my head to the beats/drums. It may also help if the place has some cricket showing as well. I’ll sit alone on a table for 4, top button loose, head laying on a head rest, and no pressure on my spine. The food may arrive and when it does,I take ages to finish it. This thing has to last long and I make sure to do it. All this, just makes my head unwind. That place, by the way, may as well be my home when I order a pizza.

It recharges me to no ends. I feel devoid of feelings and emotions when I return home and smiling then, is never an issue. That’s what parties are for right – hand you a smile?

Anyone else have some crazy party ideas that don’t involve anyone but you?

Phoenix Nights

I’m a software engineer, ok a senior software engineer but who gives a damn! All my career as a bachelor, I failed to see a proper reason to return home. Ok you need to have a bath, be respectable and look good and blah blah, for there were girls in the office you could impress but they simply never interested me. My work and office were everything to me. I didn’t do my work for it provided for my living, I did it for somehow I felt obligated to respect what has come so hard to me. And hence, I never thought beyond my desk. I still don’t although some habits have changed after marriage.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I thrived on those crunch times, the ones when your fingers, and not your mouth, do the talking. It’s a bit of “been there done that” thing. I don’t get frustrated now, yes I shout but mostly because others aren’t participating enough. Nevertheless, the tips I use to keep my head straight are –

Take a step back. Clear your head. Close your eyes for 2 minutes and broaden your vision. Try to imagine all possible routes to the solution. Discuss them. Discussion is paramount for it pinpoints the loopholes in your own thinking, that later make for the lessons of your day. Write them down. These steps really do shorten your path.

Always carry coffee in one hand (drink it too, aawwhhhh c’mon people). Then when you are on your own for your part of the assignment, you can decide whether to plug in the headphones or not (and play some songs too)! I use them for it shuts out noise.

Today I proudly say that I’m seldom late on any of my assignments, frankly I can’t remember when I was last late for any.

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I’ve Danced and Once!

I’ve danced and once. That was it and that’s it! I’m never doing it again.

We in India have a practice of leading the groom to the marriage hall and it’s one of the most festive occasions with lots of fun and lots and lots of dance. It’s so crazy that some faint, some need ice baths, some glucose water and energy drinks, and all of them look like they’ve arrived from a war when they finally reach the ceremony site! This part of the marriage is called a “Baaraat“. Yes they are “AAAAA” sounds (open your mouth out wide and just make a sound) on both sides of the “R”.

The dancing is the craziest part. I enjoyed it thoroughly when people and relatives danced madly for me in my marriage and I danced too, for myself, but most, who saw it, would say I looked more electrically shocked than a dancer, and even I refrain from calling it a dance. It was absolutely no holds barred. My brother made it his occasion though. He danced throughout the Baaraat and had to get his lungs pumped for air later, so tired was he. But it was terrific. I couldn’t have loved it more. But his advantage was always a lean body and that somehow he always got his moves gelled together beautifully.

In the image featured with this post, you’ll see a boy in a grey suit in the center. That’s my Brother and that was the madness that night!

Not me!

I am shy. I so hate my dancing skills that I’d rather even not talk about them. But as I am to talk about them in this daily prompt, I’ll say I’m slow, crawler, who moves like a sloth. Someone asked me then – “All prepped up for Baaraat?”. I started sweating profusely at the question itself. Oh how will I survive that ordeal?

The answer, as I’d come to know it, was in my mind itself. I understood the meaning of the term “Let Go” that night! It just ticked. I heard it tick. I think I’m understating it a bit. It was a ticking bomb waiting for that perfect condition. The songs were already playing and I saw a few of my relatives starting to gather between the commotion. I knew this was it. The volume rose, the beats started, and so did my feet. I didn’t care what song that was. After the first couple of moves, I thought it wasn’t difficult and people kind of expected me to dance that night. It was my brother’s marriage!

And once I started, I don’t remember stopping or pausing except for water breaks. I danced till the brothers from the girl side finally carried him into a prayer on their shoulders. And then we danced some more! I remember one of my better friends coming to meet me and I hugged him when suddenly my legs went numb and I fell right on his feet! Damn!

I’ve never danced more and I’ve now danced enough! But I learnt a lot about myself then, lessons never to be forgotten!

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Rockstar – Not So Much!

I was in real hurry but only to soak my body in a hot shower. I’m tired and I had made up my mind to not bother myself with today’s daily prompt but here I am writing two for it. I guess I misled people and this is the clarification.

Trust me when I say this, I’ve only held the drumming sticks once in my life and kicked the bass twice and that was back in my primary school. So if any of you are thinking that I’m a cool ass drummer, pardon me for my post in response to the daily prompt. I just tried writing a piece that enacted my imagination!

I’ve grown so much into listening and perceiving the songs that I so love, not much effort went into learning the instruments that made them. Not that I’m a complete douche at instruments. I understand the ABCD of it all. I learnt synth in my primary school and but gave it up and have never again tried it. Don’t really know why. Never asked myself that question. I’m so happy living with my music than playing it, learning the music never got much attention in my small little head.

My brother did. He learnt flute while in secondary school and was a part of the school band that won trophies in inter-school competitions. He learnt guitar and drums in college, was the lead guitar player in the college band, wrote a song on his own, recorded it, and got famous.

He often pushed me but I guess the fear of rejection pegged me. What if people made fun of me for my failures or bad tunes? Seriously? I now think what-the-hell was I thinking! Ashamed of what? People have a habit of laughing at people who want to follow their heart and they go to unimaginable lengths to suppress one’s desires by ridiculing their efforts. I think I am now ready to learn the instruments that I so love and practice in the air. It’s called “Air-Drumming”. I think I’ll do pretty well too.

But a few words still hold from my previous post – I wish I was Dave Lombardo!

Keeping his fingers crossed,

Your’s Truly!

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Roses For You
Roses For You

I start my day and the first thing that pops up in my mind – How will it be at office today? Will I get to spend some time with just myself from the schedule or I’d scour the day looking at a black and green screen?

Which one holds more meaning? What is it that I seek in a day that makes it worthwhile? Should I round-up a couple of gangsters and hand them over to cops? Social service – Naaahhh! Whatever they do, it’s their business. I alone can’t make this world a better place but I’ll do whatever I can using my PC. They will pay for their deeds sometime in this life – Karma, remember?

So what do I do? I spend so much time against a screen that I’ve got to find my meaning right here, on this screen. But how do I trigger that sequence that leads me to my purpose everyday?

A friend once asked me – “How did you come to know that you wanted to write? How did you get this wake up call all of a sudden? You never talked about it, said a word about blogging and how did blogging ever make way into your routine?”.

I looked at him blankly and we kept trudging. I’ve since then analyzed my days and activities and come up with the following summary –

My PC gives me all the kicks during the day. It’s my sole connect to the planet. A planet filled with pictures, music, news, and things that build and improve my perception towards life.

So what gives “meaning” to my day? Writing a great piece of code, learn something new in technology, a great blog post, a deep thought, a well narrated story, a beautiful song, heart warming comments from my readers, or a beautiful kiss from my wife. Yes, that’s my answer.

These are things that plant a smile on my face for the rest of the day. My possession. I’m possessed and obsessed by these. These are what make my life what it is now. They are my source of daily inspiration. To keep working hard, trying harder and enjoying success the hardest.

I would never give up on them, will you? What are your possessions?

How Wrong Was I?

Dhanolti - A glimpse of heaven on Earth!

Innocence in flesh and bones – that’s what kids are. They know no trivialities, no problems and the world around them more often than not turns perfect if they are born in a family of more than mediocre means. They are well provided, loved and taught.

On my journey back to Delhi, I met two such kids. Lovely and energetic duo. Would have loved to give their names but after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to keep them anonymous. They were students from 5th grade, on their way to Agra for their annual school trip. They took the window seats beside me and the train started chugging. I pulled out my headphones, grabbed my novel and started reading – The Associate by John Grisham.

At first they pretended to be shy and didn’t talk much, but then the tea arrived and with it came our first conversation while I was preparing my tea from a tea-bag, dried milk and hot water –

“Bhaiya (elder brother), would you mind if I watch you?” he said pointing at the tea.

“No, not at all!”.

And then I taught him how to prepare tea while his all-knowing buddy kept instructing him from behind. They had very sweet voices and I may sound soft for such a hard spoken man but I have no better words to explain how their manners combined with their voices, won my heart completely. They kept asking me questions about myself – if I was married, if it was a love marriage and we kept holding the conversations. I liked answering them even when they never cared to let me read my novel. There was something very satisfying to go with their flow. They kept asking me to leave some space to let them use the loo and I obliged. On other days or with other kids, I may have even kicked their teeth in after the third or the fourth time but not them. With every passing quarter-hour, they kept spreading the word about a “Super Cool”, “Super Awesome” Bhaiya who would let them listen to the amazing songs on his phone. They even learnt the password for my phone the very first time they saw me drawing it.

One by one each of their mates came and shook hands and told me – “You are truly awesome Bhaiya!” full of reverence. I could only smile.

They kept arguing about my age, if I am 18 or 40. Some told me that I look very fearsome sometimes and some said I looked sweet and cute. Some were confused whether they should call me Uncle or Bhaiya. For them, Uncles are married and Bhaiyas aren’t. The two beside me had a strategy and I’m gonna lay it out flat in front of the world – “Their Secret” – both of them were very adept at impressing their teachers and used their impression to get extra marks.

At some point there was a cut throat race between the students to impress their teachers with food. Our lad here, who had a pizza in his bag, held all the aces though. When the rummaging was going on, he, with a bang, pulled out his box and offered the entire thing to his teacher. He looked all around and with this move stopped all the scuffing for food.  He was proud and it showed on his face. It wasn’t going to last long though. When he landed back on his seat, he wanted his pizza back. He now wanted to share it with his best buddies and not her but couldn’t ask the box back. He kept cribbing for next 20 minutes about it when the box landed in his lap and the teacher, who wasn’t too interested in the pizza, asked him to offer it to other teachers. The boy though had other ideas. He quietly slipped it back in his bag and pretended he hadn’t heard what the teacher had told him. I was laughing my ass off!

They kept offering me eatables though (including the pizza) but I stuck to my philosophy to not eat from any strangers when travelling.

They even made me give their parents missed calls, so that they could call back. I was the main subject in those calls too.

But what happened at the end of their journey struck me the most. One of those two kids, came running back from the door and touched my feet as mark of respect to the elders. I just touched his face and said – “Now go. You are late!”

When they left, I could only think about my mortal nausea at seeing so many kids together at the platform and dreading my journey from there on. How wrong was I?


I remember that afternoon. My brother had gone to his school and I was home on the preparatory leave for my 8th Board Exams. It was so sunny, not a cloud in the sky when mom decided that we had to go to the supermarket for somethings. I loved that market for the complex that housed the market had many shops that served my taste buds.

Mom and I sat on our Luna Super Star and off we went. There was a gift store right beside the market, Archies, that had 2 cassettes displayed on the rack. I recognized these albums from MTV for I knew songs from both and even Mom had heard them and loved them. Her near childish demeanor for new music still surprises me and it did that afternoon too.

The other song that we had heard from this album was –

This song is so hip and so pop and doesn’t at all relate to the other topic the artists were about to touch in Krishna. We had no clue how it would sound but the entire experience and the thrill of it is still fresh in my head! It’s a fantastic album for those of you who haven’t heard it yet with very special meanings!

The other album was Aby Baby by Amitabh Bachchan.

Thanks Mom for always bringing out the best of our (me and my brothers) taste in music. I won’t place anyone else there with you. It’s really special and at the top!

P.S. – Pardon me for the poor quality of the videos but these are the best youtube gave me.

Backstreet Boys – The World Has Moved On

In which world exactly are Backstreet Boys still delivering hits? Do they think they owe the world their presence because they have a legacy to live up to? Someone living close to them must drop a message at one of the group members house to stop making albums totally. The world has moved on from their sound!

PLOP – A reality check!

If you think that playing songs on your phone at full blast while you are in the toilet, kills all the ‘PLOP’ noise and keeps it from reaching outside, you are grossly mistaken!!!

Shivers down my spine!

Three songs that no matter what the circumstances are – send shivers down my spine:

1. Flying in a blue dream – Joe Satriani

It sends shivers of peace, calm, cool warmth.

2. Hell is Home – Judas Priest

It sends shivers of anger, power and disdain for the world.

3. Suicidal Dream – Silverchair

It sends shivers of loneliness, fear of death and fearful dreams

I will keep adding to this list for my own safe-keep. Anyone else who feels the same about some of the songs that they listen to?

The Influence and Legacy of Ravi Shankar

One of the best articles I have read on Pt. Ravi Shankar. Please read it. Terrific insight about the man who made genres and their mixtures available to Indians. A Pioneer!

How MIDI changed the world of music


BBC News – How MIDI changed the world of music.

Think it should have been awarded with the “Technology of the 20th Century” award! It changed our lives forever.

History of MP3

History of MP3.

Was going through some research of mine and thought I would share this. How is it I never thought about learning about the history of the most important thing in our lives? I wonder.