I Wonder!

I can’t really recall if what I’m going to talk about was my summer vacation or the start of long Dussehra holidays in October.

What I remember clearly though, is the sweltering heat, the yellow iron gate guarding our yard, my brother who had playfully climbed on top of the gate while me and my mum stood by the front door watching him play.

Now let me describe that yellow gate – it brought a unironed symphony to our home. It was a pale yellow, sturdy, 2-flanked metal structure that opened directly out to the beauty of the world. When it opened, the hinges creaked in a staccato rhythm. The 2 flanks hinged on iron rails on both sides, upholding the fence on either side. Looking from where I and my mom were seeing it, the left flank of the gate was lower than the right, leaning in from the top edge where they met (or should’ve met). Which meant that when the gate was shut using the latch on the top, it left ample gap at the bottom for stray dogs to wander in and out of our lawn, absolutely unhindered, an opportunity not many dogs missed considering the ginormous mango tree in our yard for the shade. Not that they really needed a gap, for the gate had rectangles cut out inside it, ones that made the gate, a practical sham!

Why am I talking about the gate? It’s this gate that I often dream about. One that opens to someplace unknown. Having yet to feel and cross it, the gate seems like it’s built of grey smoke only to fool my eyes. The fear of everything covered in orange haze/smoke on the other side, numbs my legs like I’m magically flying. When I look around, I find myself on an abandoned railway platform. The trains chugging pass fast and in huge numbers, watched only by a pair of eyes waiting for a trigger, but nothing happens. Nothing ever happens!

I often wonder what the dream means? Am I scared of abandoned railway stations? Am I scared of orange smoke? Do I love my legs so much that I fear for my life having no sensations in them?

Or is it my place of zen where I wish to be all the time?

I wonder!


Zee2Etch Task #3 – What’s On My Mind

Task #3 for the Zero to Hero challenge needs me to tell you what was on my mind when I started this blog, the exact thing that made me mark “VIEWSPLASH”.

I remember I was free. I wanted to do something and I decided to write. Now what do I write? As I said, I wanted to talk and discuss. Tell people something new and a new perspective about it. So this channel was to be a sharing platform and it did happen for the first couple of days but the intention melted when my career required a lot of my time and attention.The first few days gave me a huge high with a lot of likes and views but I didn’t know what I was getting into and how much time would it need to keep it up.

But my readers still splashed their views and it continued and the blog kept evolving to what it has become today. From sharing silly pet pictures to mature content to foul language, this blog has seen it all and it will keep up its reputation and yes it is a sharers and discussionists platform.

Talk, talk, talk!