Do you like the look of the new Daily Post?

This is my attempt towards something that stands destroyed because a user like me is unheard!


Why Like A Poll?

Quite obviously no one gives a shit to the background color of my blog. An entire day and more since I put out my poll, I have no replies to judge my choice of colors. No problem, I’ll leave it open.

I have one little issue though. I have no issues with people ignoring a stupid poll like mine, but why, for Petes sakes, would someone like a poll and not answer it? It’s a poll – you either answer or you don’t or you just hover over it. Why like a poll?? And if you liked it so much, why couldn’t you answer it?

That takes me to another question – did you even read it?

Poll – Background Color

My current theme Ryu, defaults my blogs background color to White, which in my opinion gives a very high contrast between the background and the color of the letters. I want opinions from my readers which color suits their reading better from the three below. Please offer your choice in the comments in which you may even explain your choices or just the number of the choice would do as well.

1. Cyan

Viewsplash - Cyan

2. Light Brown

Viewsplash - Light Brown

3. Default Color – White

Viewsplash - White