Can the world keep its promises on schools?


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Guess what! India is ahead in atleast one of the fields where rest of the world lags – child education! A mammoth 20% increase in the number of child enrollments in primary education! Brilliant head-start! African countries are being held up the most, probably due to infrastructure limitations but then there should have been South Africa that should have led the revolution but they are one of the poorest performers – I’m amazed at the figures. The figures themselves reveal a sad story even with so much progress. A mere 20% progress in 10 years? Are we in stone age or just loathed in indulgence with no moral responsibility towards the backward classes. Everyone should have done their bit. Children are the foundation of any nation and ignoring their education will lead developing nations like India to go backwards rather than forward. Children establish the identity of the nation amongst the world. We should care for them. Just today Supreme Court released a notice saying every working child should be enrolled in a primary school. A head start I must say!