Mathematics Riddle

A mother is 21 years older to her son. Six years later, the mother will be 5 times the age of her son.

Tell me what is the father of the said child doing now?

For all of you professors and teachers, just a FYI – this is total mathematics! It’s simply 2 equations to resolve 2 variables denoting the ages of the mother and the child.

Please don’t let your hatred for mathematics bar you from solving this one, IT’S FUN!

The Faceless Man

Oh man! 2 days full of blogs in my mailbox, hard work pouring out from so many of them and all of them crave for an embrace, a touch, a tap to let them know that they are “Well Done”! Keep up the brilliant work people… keep my brain entertained and involved. Give me ideas and I’ll give you some. We are a network – just us, no “foreigners”, no outsiders! You care for my blog and I’ll take care of yours! Give and take – share! We share so much – a passion for writing, reading, embracing strangeness, apt thoughts, discussion and a very real tendency to despise physicality! We are very happy with words and the images they create.

It’s one of those images I’ll talk about now. The invisible man.

Has anyone ever noticed, how we do somethings only for the sake of an imaginary image, who always watches you. Whether you are alone or in a crowd, it’ll always be just you and him. All the mannerisms you inhabitate throughout your life, we adopt them for that man watching us from some angle, out of your peripheral vision. He wants you to do things in one particular way. The correct way.

Even the people who say they don’t care for pretenses, like myself, do some things out of habit, only to get a smile on that faceless man! That faceless man who starts watching you, very early in your life, starts getting a face, not from your mirror but people who’ve influenced you the most.

I’m a case in point. I always feel that whatever I do, I do it for an imaginary man, who’s not fat but isn’t lean either. He’s an ideal image. I feel guilty if I don’t do things the correct way because they didn’t satiate that imaginary man! I feel he’d now be shaking his head saying “there goes the fool again” or “does he ever listen to me?”. “Why do you drive fast when you only make a difference of 5 minutes between the speeds of 80 mph and 95 mph?”! I just keep trying to appease him. Sometimes I pass and there’s a high-five, sometimes I fail and show a finger to his face.

He’s the man I listen to first and only then reply. Hence, I’m slow to respond. I have to listen to him for he’s my correct voice. The voice of equality and fairness. He watches everything while I watch only what matters. He’s my answer to all my do’s and dont’s.

I wonder if he’s my conscience or if I’m going nuts. When I laugh, somewhere inside me, I feel like I’m watching another man laughing too, only that he’s much smarter, has better voice, has a fuller laugh , and knows a lot more than I do. There’s never a conversation between him and me. He always knows my questions before I even ask them. He’s always 2 steps ahead of me, only to make matters far worse than they ever are. I feel he’s the reason for a timeless guilt.

Is it a disorder? I feel fine. I love everyone who deserves love. I hate everyone. I don’t ever run away from anything. But deep down I feel I’m being torn apart into two.

I’m not the only one who feels that there’s always someone watching us though. He’s definitely not God, for I feel him. I feel him around me. Just a few days ago, I think I felt his touch on my shoulder. It scared the shit out of me. And then during lunchtime, a colleague of mine, asked me about this third person himself. He had a lot more difficulty explaining it to me than I’m having explaining it to you. See just now, the other man asked me “Are you sure that you are communicating fine?” – oozing sarcasm. Trust me, I’m not talking to myself. It’s another man.

Can anyone please explain it to me? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Just to explain how lazy I am, or have been, I thought of this post about a year back and it comes out only now!

Why do we need a God to worship?

Who is God?

Where is God?

How does this God help save humanity as a virtue?

Why do we need a God to worship?

What is God? Is it so important for the world to have him around so that they could build their faith on an absolutely non-existent entity? Have we seen him? Don’t we believe in the phrase “Seeing is Believing”? Do our grand-parents tell us stories about how God was born in their age and how he could do the amazing things that we, with such a devotion read in our holy books?

According to me, “God” resides in us. The better we get to know ourselves, the closer we get to him. God is a power bestowed upon us by the mother that gave birth to us. It’s also a power that slowly becomes unrecognizable due to a meek human emotion of self-pity. Now let us read why do I say this –

I’ve had a very normal childhood. My parents serenely believe in God. They pray before the idols, taught me to pray before the idols, and I even prayed before the idols. But I never felt safe, secured or loved by praying. I just never have. The only thing I feel secured with are my thoughts. My thoughts about how to take the next step in my career, how to start my preparations to fulfill my next objective and so on. Things that only make me strong. To think about the pros and cons of everything I have done and make sure that all that I do doesn’t hurt any one directly or indirectly. There is no God involved in my thinking. I have a quiet confidence in myself that everything that I do will only be for good of myself and others. Simple case of humane thinking. I do not plan to go on and win the world. I plan to go on and lead a simple life which my family and the people I love adore and that’s how I plan to win my small little world. And I’ll say it again – there is no God as an entity involved in my thinking – only trust, faith and quiet confidence to be a human who loves himself and others as much as he expects others to!

How does self-pity affect my own Godliness? It doesn’t. All that matters to me is my future along with the well being of all the people I love, adore, respect and care for. I don’t think there is a single task that any one of us can’t do in our lives. Frankly I just don’t have time to crib about people and things that are immaterial to me. We are capable of a thousand things and will forever be until we get over self-pity. It is negative, it stops us from being positive. It decelerates our progress. For a better perspective about self-pity, try the following link –

Then why do we need to worship idols built of stone? Why do we even need to consider energies emanating from them and believe that they are built for a purpose, a purpose of human emancipation?

This is because a few knowledgeable saints in our past recognized that God resides in us and hence, decided to show us their own image of God. And they were right. God is a human form of strength that resides in each one of us. We only need to recognize it.

Lets just discuss the past.

First we were fighting each other for basic amenities as food which then was abundantly available as hunting, pastoral and horticultural societies. Then we were fighting each other for abundantly available land in agrarian societies and so on. Mankind has lived in a society since forever and for that matter, every living animal lives in one or the other form of a society. We wanted to live in societies to be close so that we could protect each other, look after each others backs when required – which required trust. A society then was and still is a necessity. This trust could have had multiple meanings and humanity therefore required a means to devise the quantum of trust that would make each one of us more suitable to be a part of it.

Mankind was way too evasive and negative when the concept of God emerged. We could never see ourselves putting our faith solely in ourselves and in each other because we considered and still consider ourselves and all around us, flawed in one way or the other because that is human nature. But in “GOD” as God, as an entity, we were able to consider it supreme because it would never answer back and then we would be at a liberty to assume answers that suit us better. We then become free to do what we like and then the consent to our deeds is universally granted from every living human being who would believe in God. This way we also gained confidence and lost most of our confusion as we now had the affirmative nod from the “Supreme Power” above us!

The lesser we believed in God, the lesser we trusted each other. Although, this method had and has no problems in its own right, but mischief mongers would normally – even today – try and get the better rights and better means to be at the highest ladder in this society. This is a natural algorithm of survival. Some live high and some live low. Some believe in living higher and hence, they try and acquire all possible means to get to where they want to. And then there are people who aim as high as they can but due to some difficult circumstances never make it there. And they either end up being somewhere in the middle or get thrown down the ladder and try and survive with the third group – people who never wanted to make it big. Their place in this world according to them has been sealed shut even before they were born. And so they stay at the bottom rung of the ladder along with some of the failed ones.

Each of these categories could have lived happily together if they had perfectly understood their places, their limitations, their powers and that how they all-in-themselves create the perfect harmony and balance in this world.

The distinction between each of these categories in itself is never the problem. The problem lies with the greedy people who amplify the division, who feel that causing the world to divide would benefit them more over others. They are people who can never see the world as a happy place running in total harmony and a staccato rhythm.

Since these greedy people knew that the greatest benefit could be reaped when humans stood separated, they decided to create distances among people. And since they couldn’t find anything physical in humans themselves to separate them from each other, they used the human psyche to do it (psst… they will eventually use color of the skin too but that for later). They used human beliefs and their faiths. The beliefs that identified every human as an intellectual individual. They played with their minds. These distinctions now allowed those greedy ones to give roles to humans inside this manipulated society. Some would serve in the name of God, some would work for the humanity in the name of God, some would be the work-men who would give to the servers and the worshipers and the rest would be the out-caste who would have been ousted based on their colors or family backgrounds or something that would be completely unacceptable at the time of this differentiation. All of this only to divide humanity.

Now who is this God that they decided to distinguish humans upon? A belief. An idol that was put up in the sacred room so that the out-castes aren’t allowed to even touch or embrace them. A belief which now powered the people who had the means and the said power to rule over people. In all of this mayhem, common people eventually forgot that the God who they initially worshiped as their keeper of faith, was now just a means of their own agony.

And so, in the name of God, the powerful became even more powerful and the oppressed became even more oppressed. And why? No one again taught the first fact of Godliness and even if someone did, could have only managed to convince only a few who lost their drive to spread the message due to all the negativity and social responsibility that the life brings with itself for every human. Living a life now is a bigger pain than anything else and all of it because we fail to understand the basic concept of a God.

We often say “God is one”. He obviously is because he resides inside us. This is why God is same for all of us because he is within us. He is equal for all of us. We just need to recognize him better. He is trust, faith and hence, the ultimate progression of life.

So, as per me, who is God?

– my faith, knowledge and the truth about myself.

Where is God?

– it’s within me.

How do I worship God?

– have faith in myself, know my limitations, respect them and eventually break them to know and recognize a better world.

How does this God help save humanity?

– I now respect responsibilities – mine as well as others – and never interfere with them, because every human has a purpose and they must be allowed to deliver upon it. I can only help people meet their goals. This way we look after each other, trust each other, have faith in their beliefs and never break laws that are setup by the people who see everyone as equal and who are like-minded and believe humanity to be sacred, to save us.

Am I an atheist?

– No. I believe in myself. I have faith in myself and I believe, so should everyone.


This is something that I have always believed in. I may be unintentionally stirring up a controversy here and I would gladly accept any criticism and support that would come my way but I can say it from my heart that I am not writing this to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. I am just trying to ask a question because people around me who genuinely believe in God haven’t been able to answer my questions.