Don’t visit India

Don’t ever visit India for we don’t deserve you. If you are a man, you will be looted, made a fool of and left to rue your decision and if you are a woman, you are about to enter hell for none of your body parts are safe from scratches, fondling and some may even go through the worst nightmare – rape!

A country that’s not safe for even its own woman, can’t be safe for foreign women who bring in extra charm, trust and a free (and sometimes forlorn) sense of adventure. You are all vulnerable unless you are very confident of your self-defense techniques, techniques that may help you snatch them balls out of those nut sacks!

Our tourism may get hit but who cares! All they care for is money and they’ll for sure make a hell lot even without the tourism from one or the other scams. They’ll kill, oppress the weak and still leave you to live so they can repeat the process without any resentment.

Don’t ever pity us for we don’t deserve that either. Our women endure this shit everyday. They are used to it and maybe they can, but don’t do a shit about it. We have fallen prey to our own judicial system. It just doesn’t help us.

Some are starting to open up about mis-happenings with them trusting our media but who’s to care then too? Government has started giving a blind eye and a deaf ear to people who cry for help. Police is assigned but what they do is sheer harassment. Around a 100 of them would cower over you and ask you the same fucking question over and over – How did it happen? Like it’s kind of jovial story to tell and people would drink a beer and make merry over it. And then a big boss would arrive who would at start show a lot of compassion and sympathy but quickly starts seeking avenues to make some quick bucks if the case seems rather small and meek to stand a trial.

It’s pathetic and ugly once it happens but once it goes to police, it becomes dirty too. No one stands to support us but ourselves and we have to stand up for it but my heartiest plea is to people who are not from India, please make sure to start scratching India from your favorite destinations if you are a woman planning to travel alone here. No place or person is safe for we have been given a middle finger on our faces.


Gujarat Riots – Crimes against women

Gujarat Riots – Crimes against women

Since last few days, I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about what has happened in Delhi Gang Rape case. The gruesomeness of the incident is absolutely hair raising. But my limit about various other cases was brought to light when a friend sent me this link. I’ve had my share of guilt to live with men who can be this brutal in handling women. Please read this.

Chowmein to replace Viagra in pharma shops across India!

Can you just beat this? A fool in Haryana yesterday declared that consuming “Chowmein” leads men to raping! I mean how big a bull-shit is that???!!! The inflated egos that these guys possess, leads them to comment like this ‘coz they just can’t bear the responsibility of their actions of utter shame that they commit against women who not only brought their shameless souls on this poor earth, but also bread them, saved them from harm and now they think they are entitled to commit heinous crimes against the same women. All of this makes me so sad that we live in a country where we consider Earth and the soil of our country as our Mother. “Bharat Mata ki Jai” is a slogan that we commonly use when we are protesting or fighting a war. And just look at the respect that’s given to the females in our country. Just sad is the word. I mean I’m sorry to be sharing this country with them fools.

And what has the poor old “Chowmein” done to deserve this disrespect. I never knew that it had some aphrodisiac properties. I have eaten it a thousand times and I never faced an issue of an increased libido after that? Have we gone nuts to be even claiming this crap in our country? Where has all the science gone and has all logic completely deserted us? These are the unlearned fools who can come out and say something like this. This is what ill-education can do. This is what we fill our children with when they are raised in our family. This is what we show them when we deal with the women in our families that women are to be oppressed. They are mere objects of sexual use and to cook food for men, to keep their houses clean, to massage the legs of their men who do nothing except sit in a panchayat all day doing nothing but making a mockery of our constitution that so clearly declares that all living men and women are equal. They deserve the same things. They deserve the same food, the same respect, the same place in our society as is claimed by so called “Men”.

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