Sweet Dreams 

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep.

Away from the window, the truth,

The love, the faith, the people.

Watch those sheep jumping, pumping, hurtling rhythmically to the end of the screen and back again.

Count them so you forget the past,

The tormentors, the dictators,

The freedom seekers, the truth lovers.

Let our reality be the one you live,

Let our truth be all you see.

Sleep my baby.

Sweet dreams!

Raging Inferno

I’m taking this prompt only to console myself. To let myself know that there are other bad dreams too, the easily recurring ones, harmless, that leave an imprint on your mind so you may narrate them to your near and dear ones and get over with.

Yeah, I’ve been through worse. I’ve lived a nightmare but I’m not telling you about it. One that I’m about to tell you is totally made out of my life –

I see red haze,

I see gloom.

I see a railway station,

That has no room.

It’s an unending caress of fright,

That doesn’t care for day or night.

I feel myself floating as if in air.

I see no shadows, I’ve lost my darker pair.

With no horizon and no depth to see,

I look closer and you’re peering at me!

I’ve never known the person looking at me. And that’s frightening!

Also has anyone fell through an eternal depth onto a rock? I see myself riding bicycles for many miles visiting a lot of houses of my relatives, my parents, crossing many railway lines, huge porches, happiness, food. It’s the only happy one I have.

But I’m never telling you the one that lasted nearly 8 months!

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