Death? Think about it and it feels rather strange. I don’t worry about the aftermath, why should I? I’m dead, aren’t I! But I do have an aging fear of the moment when I meet it. Right when I’m closing my eyes, I think I want peace!

Peace in the thought that I haven’t harmed someone, that the world won’t miss me when I’m gone and the knowledge that the people I loved, loved me back. I think I won’t live very long and I don’t want to, and yet I want to be cared about by the people and things I cared about after I’m gone. I don’t want people to cry around me when I’m dying. I hope the best people of my life get to be around me when I’m dying unless it’s on the road to office or back where all there’ll be are strangers.

Just some thoughts!

Seeing is Believing

Hate is a strong word isn’t it? Especially when it comes to things you do or get done in a day. I hate none of what I do. I love my job. I like the people around me who work just like me. We have a fun time. I love my home or whatever of a ‘Home’ we’ve made it into. I love my dog. I love my wife and doing stuff for her.

The only thing that ails my soul and which I think is entirely a waste of my time (some may argue it isn’t) is driving to and fro my office. I feel that hour and a half is the least productive time in my day and the best period I can use for my writing if someone drives my vehicle. It isn’t fruitful to my health for all the smoke and dust that enters me, sticks to me, and makes me look like a villager on either end of the journeys. It doesn’t exercise a single muscle of my body and if anything raises my blood pressure. 

And therefore, I want my robot to be a car that drives itself. I know they are still building on this technology and I may never be able to afford one for myself for it may never turn cheap and I know I’ll end up driving my car for my whole life whenever I own one, I want to nurture this dream. I know a lot of you may argue against me sleeping late and waking up late but because we’re talking solely about my comfort, this will be the pinnacle of the technology I wish to own.

The entire commute must get reduced to small phrases – “Driver, drive to my office” or “Driver, drive to my home”. Something voice activated and startable only using a password and it then does all the work itself while I commute hasslefree inside a clean cabin, undisturbed to write all I want. This way I’ll get a thousand other ideas to write about too by simply looking out of the window.

Some may argue, why not take a bus instead which will be cheaper? I say, I hate being around people. Crowd and bad smells simply tick me off. This when clearly, people are my best source of inspiration for thoughts and writing. Every living body feeds my brains with things and teaches me stuff that no books or internet can.

Seeing is Believing“.

Crotchety Chump

Don’t we all want happy faces around us all the time? We are all selfish and in turn want to share the communicable cheerfulness to brighten our own days. Grumpy looking people often make for a bad viewing and… company. Happy people share jokes, make us laugh, spread positive energy with their infectious smiles, and even make some unhappy ones seriously jealous. But have you ever thought why some of us are permanently grumpy? Don’t you think that they too want to flex their cheek muscles at least once every day and smile for a change?

Yes, I am grumpy. I’m told by people that there are, at max, 4 expressions that they’ve seen me wearing. I haven’t practiced them in the mirror. I just look that way. It’s, in all practicality, impossible for me to stay happy and smile all the time, for from time to time, the realities of life keep dawning upon me. Earlier my problem was I wanted to keep everyone else happy. I failed! Then someone, a few years back, told me to start thinking about myself and now my problem is I want to keep myself happy. I’m not fairing any better here as well. My sofa needs cleaning. I need new mattresses. I need a new seating arrangement for my PC at home, new chair and table, more ergonomic. I need to get the engine on my bike repaired and blah blah! I know you don’t want to hear it but that’s precisely how grumpy people talk, BEAR IT!

So what exactly does grumpy mean?

– Bad-tempered and sulky.

– Crabbed; annoyed and irritable.

Synonym – Crotchety!

Just like the way happy and cheerful people have days when they are sad and depressed, we, the grumpy ones; have days when we are Happy and Cheerful for once. It’s difficult for us to leave our comfort zone. Deep down we love the way people hate us, despise us, want to hurt our face so bad, that we look even grumpier. But that’s where we WIN every day. For no one hits us. No one can do a shit about the way we look or behave. All that they can do is look away which is precisely what we want – no attention! It serves me better that I’m introvert as well.

There are several emotions, aren’t they? We sift through plethora of them every day – from happy to sad or angry or empathetic in matter of seconds. It’s these emotions that often drive our moods. These emotions change the way we perceive our world, see its colours, and hear its sound – basically change the way we feel it.

What I find most interesting though is how some emotions bring out the best in you while some doom you to obscurity. These emotions impact our will to achieve like no other person ever can. They impact our state of mind and the vibes coming from us in general. These emotions are quite distractingly very visible and are quite in-your-face.

My mother has one such emotion – anger. She cooks her best food when she is angry. Me and dad used to secretly wish for her to get upset and then cook (psst psst we still wish so). It used to start with an argument between them that I’ll never understand. They never made sense to me. They were so – worldly. Dealing with day-to-day issues that anyone of them could resolve in the blink of an eye. Anyways – food and anger! Yes, this is one complaint my mother always has when she is angry – she keeps saying she hates cooking. That how she hates every moment spent in the kitchen and yet, when she sees dad set the first foot across the threshold of its entrance to cook himself, she’ll jump in and prepare some of the tastiest drool-worthy delicacies, a human will ever taste – all in a fit of rage and knowledge that dad will ruin everything inside the kitchen. The chances of her screwing up the food then drastically reduce to zero. I think most women will relate to this feeling!

And that brings me to my question – what’s the emotion that brings out the best in you?

Mine is anger and I guess this is something my mother has unknowingly rubbed onto me. I think clearer when I’m angry. I say better when I’m angry. My focus dramatically increases even when I’m venting out my anger on something completely unrelated to the real problem. I invariably end up doing all the right things when my hands are shivering with angst. The only problem is – that’s also the only time I’m thinking just for myself and in those on-the-thread moments, I end up hurting a few people.

Okay, then what’s the emotion that brings out the worst from you?

Mine is happiness. Yes, that’s the reason I’m grumpy. Happiness brings out my concern for others which in today’s world, is quite unappreciated. People start to think that I’m interfering with their lives when in the first place they are the ones sitting in my home, sipping beers, and sharing the sorry state of their sorry ass world with me – the most unconcerned person on this planet. People for some reason don’t understand genuine sympathy or empathy now. They fail to acknowledge an unselfish concern for their well-being but who can blame them. We all get ditched so many times and in so many ways, we can’t even rely upon ourselves to trust others and find their true motives, rest aside the chances of us believing anyone else for our good.

I guess I’m searching for unadulterated love, for my love even for myself isn’t enough pure!

Riding the Tides

You know, there are things that we do over and over again for a considerable period of our life and then, someday we stop doing them, for whatever reasons. We never know if they were for good or bad, for they in their time never held any meaning. Then one day we stop doing them. All  they give us are memories, some cherishable and some not so.

The one thing I’m doing ever since I learnt to control handles and balance, is ride. Ride, to and fro, carrying people at my back.

The 2-wheelers that I’ve used are –

1. BSA SLR – Bicycle.


2. Kinetic Luna Super Star – A bicycle with an engine, a clutch and accelerator.


3. Hero Puch Shakti 3G – A mini demon. The smallest geared bikes with the smallest of engines – a mere 65CC.

Hero Puch Shakti 3g

4. You’ve all already met my 4th companion, Bajaj Pulsar 180CC – One of the oldest and proudest giants in the history of Bajaj sporting bikes in India. Without it, I’m lost.

My Ride

During my schooling and engineering, my brother rode as my pillion. They were fun times. Nothing except the rides changed over the years. From bicycle to Luna to Shakti, that part of our life is one the longest case of the association between brothers and their rides. We rode for long hours and I don’t remember him, even once, asking me to let him ride. He was happy and content, at the back, watching the world and giving all sorts of running commentary, describing the surroundings. Watching girls, eateries, escaping seniors, riding in the rain – through love and through fight, those days will forever remain fresh.

There was one instance when while returning from our school, it was raining really hard. I decided to have some fun and starting riding through puddles of rainwater, which soaked all of his shoes from the inside. I kept doing it, when in a fit, he opened his water bottle and emptied it straight into my shoes, and all this 60 kmph. We laughed all the way to our home. One of the happiest memories I have with him.

We’ve had our share of accidents as well, when in all the occasions, he jumped off well before the fate hit us. He is thankfully smart in those situations when I’m not. Twice in those accidents, I hair-cracked my left shoulder. But they never deterred me

Then my ride changed to Pulsar and the speed at which I normally rode changed. I remember once, when he was in Bangalore, spending time on bench in his company, I used to drop him to his office. We used to take the ‘Nice’ road. It was one clean and zero traffic road, 16 kms in length. We reached 120 kmph one day. He simply closed his eyes and felt the speed while I just enjoyed the fastest that I had ever ridden, things passing by me in time smaller than the blink of an eye. I miss those moments.

Then came my wife, and so changed my speed. All she ever has said about my riding is – “You are the only one with whom I don’t try to balance the bike”. I clearly am her favorite!

Riding is also the time, I think about my life the most. I contemplate all serious issues, when I’m seated on my bike. I have my commentary running for all that while. “Government must ban all women and old drivers”, “Why the fuck does everyone change their lines at the last moments”, “What happened to them indicators” yada yada.

And then there’s my favorite song by Joe Satriani – “Ride” – that defines some philosophies of my life –

This clearly is my favorite daily ritual!

Life of Positivity

Fate… Destiny? Really? What are these? You may say – the end or the conclusion, wanted or unwanted.

A wanted conclusion is a result of wishful thinking. You’ve got to let it all out. Let people know what you want to do and your vibes and their energy trigger brain waves that start getting together to give you what you want. The stronger is the power of that wish, the more are the chances of it coming true. Nothing is fate.

We create our own destiny with our deeds. The better you are with people, the better your end will be. All life form ends and so must you. The difference is in the way it ends. The more humility that the life carries, the more respectful is the death. Nothing remains after you’re gone but your thoughts which portray your legacy.

The stronger is the motto of your life, more are the chances of you leading your life living it. And in this process, we impact others. The more positive are your thoughts, even more positive are the people around you. You are the energy you emit.

In short, just be good. Nothing works better for you than yourself. You lay your own foundations and end up building your own house on it. Stronger the foundation, stronger the house. Let this house be the home for your dreams. Let this house affect your thoughts in all it’s positivity. Live your dream, for it’s only you that turn them true!

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The Faceless Man

Oh man! 2 days full of blogs in my mailbox, hard work pouring out from so many of them and all of them crave for an embrace, a touch, a tap to let them know that they are “Well Done”! Keep up the brilliant work people… keep my brain entertained and involved. Give me ideas and I’ll give you some. We are a network – just us, no “foreigners”, no outsiders! You care for my blog and I’ll take care of yours! Give and take – share! We share so much – a passion for writing, reading, embracing strangeness, apt thoughts, discussion and a very real tendency to despise physicality! We are very happy with words and the images they create.

It’s one of those images I’ll talk about now. The invisible man.

Has anyone ever noticed, how we do somethings only for the sake of an imaginary image, who always watches you. Whether you are alone or in a crowd, it’ll always be just you and him. All the mannerisms you inhabitate throughout your life, we adopt them for that man watching us from some angle, out of your peripheral vision. He wants you to do things in one particular way. The correct way.

Even the people who say they don’t care for pretenses, like myself, do some things out of habit, only to get a smile on that faceless man! That faceless man who starts watching you, very early in your life, starts getting a face, not from your mirror but people who’ve influenced you the most.

I’m a case in point. I always feel that whatever I do, I do it for an imaginary man, who’s not fat but isn’t lean either. He’s an ideal image. I feel guilty if I don’t do things the correct way because they didn’t satiate that imaginary man! I feel he’d now be shaking his head saying “there goes the fool again” or “does he ever listen to me?”. “Why do you drive fast when you only make a difference of 5 minutes between the speeds of 80 mph and 95 mph?”! I just keep trying to appease him. Sometimes I pass and there’s a high-five, sometimes I fail and show a finger to his face.

He’s the man I listen to first and only then reply. Hence, I’m slow to respond. I have to listen to him for he’s my correct voice. The voice of equality and fairness. He watches everything while I watch only what matters. He’s my answer to all my do’s and dont’s.

I wonder if he’s my conscience or if I’m going nuts. When I laugh, somewhere inside me, I feel like I’m watching another man laughing too, only that he’s much smarter, has better voice, has a fuller laugh , and knows a lot more than I do. There’s never a conversation between him and me. He always knows my questions before I even ask them. He’s always 2 steps ahead of me, only to make matters far worse than they ever are. I feel he’s the reason for a timeless guilt.

Is it a disorder? I feel fine. I love everyone who deserves love. I hate everyone. I don’t ever run away from anything. But deep down I feel I’m being torn apart into two.

I’m not the only one who feels that there’s always someone watching us though. He’s definitely not God, for I feel him. I feel him around me. Just a few days ago, I think I felt his touch on my shoulder. It scared the shit out of me. And then during lunchtime, a colleague of mine, asked me about this third person himself. He had a lot more difficulty explaining it to me than I’m having explaining it to you. See just now, the other man asked me “Are you sure that you are communicating fine?” – oozing sarcasm. Trust me, I’m not talking to myself. It’s another man.

Can anyone please explain it to me? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Just to explain how lazy I am, or have been, I thought of this post about a year back and it comes out only now!

Bill Off the Street – Update

I had a few answers to my post – Bill Off the Street.

I take it from among the people who replied, that they took to whether the act of picking up the bill was questioned. Trust me it wasn’t, and if I couldn’t convey it clear enough in my post, I humbly apologize. I couldn’t reply to a few of the people who replied individually because they derived and shared a common meaning from the post and I sincerely apologize for that too.

The act of picking up the bill was never questioned. The question was, which man among the following two is better –

1. A man who picks up the bill but thinks he may be stealing.

2. A man who doesn’t pick up the bill for he thinks he may get caught stealing.

My choice was a third who would either steal it or not but did it from his nature. He never faked to the world about it. The above two are fakes.

Stealing in this question is a mere perception of the protagonist in the scene. As he stands there in the center of the market, watching that 10 dollar bill, does he think he is stealing? I am questioning the conscience of the person and not the act. Why does he do it is the question? Why a sudden interest in a 10 dollar bill? Why do anything about it? And if there is an interest, what does he plan to do with it?

When I thought about it, I could only see three cases clearly –

1. A man picks up the bill

2. He doesn’t pick up the bill

3. He ignores the bill

Someone gave me a very good answer and trust me, I didn’t see it coming, which adds the fourth to the above. She said: “If I pick up that bill, a lot of people will think I’m stealing when I clearly know I’m not. I know I’m not stealing because I know what to do with it which is a good deed per me – I’ll deposit the bill in a charity box at any temple, never once putting it my purse. I’ll carry it in my palms, so no temptation ever creeps in my head. On the other hand, I’ll only not pick it because I think people will think I’m stealing”.

She very clearly added the motive behind any of the action – falling for the temptation, stopping before the temptation got the best out of you, or ignoring the temptation.

What do you think of it now? Every action definitely has a motive behind it. Whatever you plan from the outcome of the action defines whether the action stood for the good cause or bad.

Please care to continue this conversation. I believe she has a point.

Job or It’s The End Of You and Me!


Us? We are engineering students. Our life and career runs on deadlines and ultimatums.

“I need that code tomorrow OR!” – Boss.

“If your assignment isn’t submitted by evening in my class, you’re going to have to show your ass in the Principals office tomorrow!” – Professor.

“When are semester exams starting?”… “Tomorrow???”… “I’m fucked!” – Me.

Our hands and feet don’t move till we are as close to deadlines as close is the whisper of death to me when I’m driving!

But that’s all fun. It’s when life-altering decisions are at hand that ultimatums and deadlines show their true colors. They can make you pee in your pants, quite literally. Think of the moment when you may get informed of your terminal illness! Yes, ultimatums and deadlines sometimes show their face when they are least expected and that’s when they make a dent or help you remove one.

Fighting a deadline or an ultimatum is a true test of your character, decision-making prowess and clarity in thoughts and nothing in world strengthens your belief in yourself than conquering one!

Regarding a situation when I threw an ultimatum at someone, it was right at me. I was helpless. The period in which I was looking for a job was nothing less than a mountain to climb everyday and come back down and sleep and repeat the same thing over and over for next 18 months. Shattered wouldn’t even start to define my state of mind. But I had a challenge at hand and I made sure to make an effort everyday to complete it day by day, little by little. So knocked was my confidence in myself after I lost my first job before even joining it, that it took me ages to find myself back again, that same me who had competition for lunch and wins for dinner!

So I threw an ultimatum to myself after I joined my first temporary job at a BPO. That this will never be repeated in my entire life again. I will not go through this humiliation ever again and I have to find a job that’s worthy of my time and effort and hard work and that right after I complete my Mainframes course or else it may be time to look at reducing some weight from this earth which in my case is and was – substantial. I worked and studied hard. Ate even lesser and brought my sleep down to a few hours in the night only to repeat it for the next 2 months. And I won. I got my first job at Accenture and that story is right here.

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Whisky Thoughts


I wonder, how people make do with so less while we continuously strive to fill our life with worthless crap?

I wonder, why do we need religion to unite this world? Isn’t humanity enough?

I wonder, when will men respect women for who they are and not what they want them to be?

I wonder, if I will ever figure myself out?

I wonder, is a cellphone really necessary for me?

I wonder, why people hate me so much when I say so less?

I wonder, is it bad to say everything your heart and head tell you? Aren’t the other kind called hideous?

I wonder, what people understand by the word “Equality” and intolerance to its opposite?

I wonder, why can’t people use dustbins?

These will keep coming and they may even be the upcoming topics for my posts.


Spitters, Spitters, Spitters, how do you do it at home?

Where do you find corners in your house to waylay your bubble filled thick mucus? YUCK!

Do you know it stinks? Do you know it’s unhygienic and it doesn’t dry as easily as water does? It keeps collecting dirt and filth all over it and it stays there.

I don’t know about other countries, but in India, we eat paan (hindi) or tambulam pungi falam (sanskrit) and have a really filthy habit of spitting out it juices all around us or anywhere we find a corner, or on the road. It leaves red stains all over, makes the roads, corners, surroundings dirty and in my opinion, it should be made illegal to spit out paan in the open in India.

But whichever country, where do you spit at home? Do you hang around windows or doors or gardens or flower pots all the time or are you a hygienic person and carry a separate dustbin just for the purpose?

In any case, doesn’t it leave you with too much to do and make you cumbersome?

The ultimate question is – WHY SPIT AT ALL? I DON’T AND I’M STILL ALIVE!

My Winter Solstice

I got enlightened today when I found out that the winter solstice is not the 23rd December but 21st December. I got enlightened further when I found out that most of the world considers it the most depressing day of the year. Well, it certainly is for me. Got my annual performance review rating yesterday and I am disappointed to my core. Personal front isn’t doing well too since past 2 months. A tussle here, a tussle there, no ones happy with anyone. No matter how hard I try things are just not moving along and I’m now hinging on some astronomical events of ginormous proportions to either shake me up and bring out ideas that can change my life. I’m trying really hard to get things straight but nothing’s working as things stand at a total stand-off.

I think I should quit. I should quit trying so hard for matters that can only be solved with patience and continuous self-introspection. And people around me should understand this. All of their problems are making me work my mind on things that take my focus away from doing productive work. Instead let me work with focus and blog as well. I want to write but creativity needs a lot of space and I need mine.

My responsibility in all of this will be to take my head out from the shit I’ve put it in and start clean and fresh. Try and be happy and see the positive, more colorful side of life that I’ve prefered to completely ignore.

River of Energy

Energy is like a river. You can’t stop it. It will find its way no matter what you do to stop it. It is indestructible for it will only transform.

So stop wasting it on negative people. They are nothing. They will eat you from the inside and you’ll have nothing to spend on productive thoughts and actions. If you do not spend your energy on negative people and only even preserve it and not indulge in wrong deeds, it’ll find its way out towards construction, positivity and productivity. This river of energy should only be guided towards productive and generous channels.

People who won’t be constructive in my life will get the least of my energy and time. If you can’t be constructive towards me, do just 1 thing – spread some joy and laughter, simply lighten up the mood. And if you can’t even do that, just leave me alone!

An year of Dilberts!!!

I’ve now been blogging for a year now! I’ve published about various topics but the most important goal I have accomplished is posting daily Dilbert’s on my blog for a year!

How did it help me and I’ll admit it openly –

Some would call it plagiarizing but I’ll call it free publicity – not that Dilbert needs one (it’s an amazingly true and funny comic strip) but it just goes to show how a consistent post on your blog daily or hourly help you get around 450 kind followers.

Why am I telling everyone about all this – I would like to know if there are people with their comic strips that they would like to have published on another blog? Ones that need publicity? Ones who think that their creativity beats a billion minds?

I can give them a platform for publicity for any deal they think can make my blog gain some publicity as well.

The question that most people will ask me is – why don’t I write a lot myself and gain publicity the way million others did? In my year of blogging, I have often found myself falling really short of energy and time which have killed a lot of my thoughts and hence I seek people who have similar constraints and who would like to mutually work with me to gain a further more steps.

There have been a lot of things that I have done wrong – one of them is, not visiting the WordPress reader more often. You have to appreciate other writers and bloggers to gain theirs.

My own aim for this year will include using the WordPress Reader more often, read others and learn their styles. Don’t yet know how I’ll do it but will try to carve out time for it.

For anyone who would like to contact me for any endeavors about posting on each others blog, please mail me at –

Nightly Cycle

As this night blankets the face of this earth, the grainy lights illuminating the contours, I see a path glorified by a fence of wait – lengthy horrifying wait for the inevitable. I’m dying with wishes forsaken and goals unfulfilled. It’s a long path to traverse with no end in sight and I have started feeling the agony in my heart and pain in my bruised feet for my body has dragged the weight of  bag full of dissatisfaction, responsibility and betrayal.

Is there any way I can learn to choose the rose and not the prick? Is there any way I can learn to keep myself happy and yet satisfy others?


I just realized that I am not learning new things these days. Maybe it’s the mundane life and office routine that’s robbing me of my childlike desire to learn. I’ve also realized that these days I don’t feel like a child anymore. It’s all grown up feeling filled with thoughts of responsibilities, caring, loving and sharing for all things secondary.

Anyways about learning, I don’t think we can learn without the attitude and enthusiasm of a child. The willingness to learn new things must always persist within you to learn and grow else life may just get stagnant!

Just a thought!

Theme Decision!

Hi Everyone,

I have just gone through another one of those days where I have had to abandon a theme only because a bug suddenly popped up and then I have had to look through a huge range of themes from WordPress to see if I like any of them.

I eventually did come to a decision but trying to figure out which theme suits us should basically be dependent on the need we set for our blog. I sat down and thought about it and came to a conclusion that the most responses I got from my audience were with Ryu theme that I just abandoned.

When I’m trying to figure out which theme should I go for, I normally look forward to simplicity in design, clear letters and fonts with a substantial amount of space for images as well.

If any of you has a bit of time to let me know what requirements they set out for themselves while selecting a theme and do they normally find themes that meet their requirements, please do let me know. Since, I have never met another blogger in person, I have to request my audience to answer all my questions. Please do share your thoughts.

Yours truly,


I want you!

Why is it so damn difficult to understand me?

How do I let you know what I want?

This for other day is only a liability,

But today the answers need to be sought

and favors need to be bought,

to understand what is being thought.

Kill me for wanting what is not,

Thoughts that are taught,

But are forever caught in the cages in my heart.

Why is it so damn difficult to understand me?

Don’t I talk?

Don’t I walk what I talk?

Can you see me?

Have you ever seen me?

Do you even know me?

Do I need to tell you,

I left behind everything and everyone for you?

Ain’t that a sacrifice that should let me have you,

The one that should let me get to you?

Oh I want you,

I so so want you!