What is ‘net neutrality’ and what is its future after US court ruling?

FAQ: What is ‘net neutrality’ and what is its future after US court ruling? – The Times of India

An interesting article. I had no clue ISPs could allot specific bandwidth for specific websites so some websites function faster. Well what do you think about it? Isn’t bandwidth everyones right to have? All should have it equal no matter what they do. What if I don’t work on YouTube at all and all I do is blog and read which requires minimum possible bandwidth? And what about torrents? How is bandwidth assigned to this? Also do websites themselves have any say in the allotment of bandwidth? What if YouTube asks for higher bandwidths from ISPs and starts paying them for it? Won’t it be the infringement of user rights?


How to customise Windows 8 manually!!! WTF!

How to customise Windows 8 manually – The Times of India.

This is THE most useless information technology article I have ever read on internet! We have been doing this since childhood and yet Times of India had an urge to push this article on to web! What were they even thinking??? Unless I’m being an absolute nerd about Windows, don’t we all know how to install updates on any version of Windows? Have Microsoft not kept it simple enough for even toddlers to be able to install updates from Windows Update on any Windows? I mean damn… don’t these news websites create any kind of crap to be published on their websites for mere clicks!!!

No heavy showers in Delhi for another week: Met department

No heavy showers in Delhi for another week: Met department – The Times of India.

Now that the MET department has said it, I think we better start carrying our umbrellas around!