Sweet Dreams 

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep.

Away from the window, the truth,

The love, the faith, the people.

Watch those sheep jumping, pumping, hurtling rhythmically to the end of the screen and back again.

Count them so you forget the past,

The tormentors, the dictators,

The freedom seekers, the truth lovers.

Let our reality be the one you live,

Let our truth be all you see.

Sleep my baby.

Sweet dreams!

Her Song


A butterfly unfold,

With belligerent glittering wings,

She begins to fly,

Leaving a trail of gold.

Touching the sky at one,

For her limits are none.

Grazing the fall,

Touching the leaves,

Petting the flowers,

Wind blows it to the sea.

She leaps again,

This time, she won’t sway

For she knows her way.

While she heads for the stars,

She knows she can’t look back,

She believes in it now,

There’s no hiding any more,

When she lights the heavens on fire!

Truth, That Is You!

Quoting from the prompt

“There is beauty in truth, even if it’s painful. Those who lie, twist life so that it looks tasty to the lazy, brilliant to the ignorant, and powerful to the weak. But lies only strengthen our defects. They don’t teach anything, help anything, fix anything or cure anything. Nor do they develop one’s character, one’s mind, one’s heart or one’s soul.”

– José N. Harris

Trust me, liars get my attention the quickest. Somehow, I smell them but this fickle mind believes that a liar is doing truth the justice when he lies and hence, belies the lie into a truth. It’s his responsibility to lie else truth won’t exist.

The sweeter the lie, the more painful is the truth that reveals it.

Just today, I got talking to a friend and he started with how when we get angry and yell at someone, we invariably feel sorry and yet end up choosing between revealing our guilt or no. He also pointed out the mental process that goes behind the anguish caused by the act and how it invariably lays the foundation to cover up the same angst in future. He was very clear in keeping the anger and the guilt it caused on a balance and how after we first choose the act, we invariably run for the other side – the guilt to keep up a balance derived from nature. And it happens really fast inside the brain, and yet never fails to leave an impression inside. He said that the choice is always clear but the brain, as it is trained to run for an excuse first and think logically later, comes up with a lie.

Guilt, ladies and gentlemen, has a tremendous power – it makes humans look and feel incredibly foolish which means embarrassment ahoy! To escape this, mind has to have plans ready and it thus, keeps a track of everything we do inside our subconscious, so we either don’t act that way altogether or be incredibly nimble in conjuring up a LIE! Not that Your’s Truly isn’t a master at the art, but doesn’t it need a thief to catch another?

Why do we lie? I say, we start to train our mind to hide the truth (guilt in the case above) and consequently lie from a very young age. It doesn’t come naturally to us. Parents never knowingly teach us to lie. Schools impart the correct wisdom, then where is it that liars are born? It all starts at home. We learn from our company. It’s a misconception among parents that their children can’t pay a heed to their lies because they are either too dumb or just don’t give a rats ass. These things are very small, so small that they in fact, must be forgotten and yet leave an impression lasting forever on a child’s mind.

“Hey Jo! Tell the man at the door that I’m not home yet” a boozing father says – Jo learns alibis that he’ll use against everything forever after.

“Hey Jo! Tell your dad I fell on the bathroom floor today and we’ll have to order food from outside and you can go buy your game DVD tomorrow. Here take the money” a lazy mother funnily tries to buy his son. Jo learns to disrespect his father.

“Hey Jo! You can tell your dad that you lost your ball and get money for another one, which we buy burgers with” Jo learns to lie to his parents for a burger that he would’ve anyways got, had he asked for it directly to them. Jo learns thievery.

In all the above cases, lies covered every evil. It seems like a lot of fun working over people to get things done, but this breeds dishonesty and knack for hurting people without knowing it. Lies destroy us – from inside. A lie is livable. It’s a world created in fantasies, bravado, and shining liveries. It hides the pain of the inside but instead of strengthening the soul, lies hollow it eating us everyday. It’s so lucrative and easy, some of us take permanent refuge in the deluge, forgetting that truth makes the soul lighter, stronger, and appreciable. Lies are a façade to our weakness. This mask though, is rotten from the inside. The longer you wear it, the more it disfigures the original identity. Every lie only moves you to away from the truth, truth that is you.

Liar Liar – Pants on Fire

Run around and shout all you want. Raise your volume to decibel levels that make me shut my ears up. All lies are caught. Actually, the louder you are, the faster you run, the more things you throw around, the greater your lie is.

Lies just kill you – everyday. The more you keep your brain occupied with lies, lying, and remembering them, the lesser it thinks of better things. Keep lying and one day you lose all smile, all charm. Plus the constant fear of getting caught by the people who you may actually love and the wrath and indignation that go with all lies. A lie is never alone. A lie comes in groups and serious numbers. So weak is a lie, that it can’t survive without another. And this is only what you are doing to just yourself. Think of what you doing to others! Giving false hopes, false personification, false egos, and falser intelligence – you are not only destroying someones life but probably even robbing them of eventual pride in themselves of making better decisions and making them sulk in self-pity.

The power of truth though destroys all lies. Truth not only makes you a beautiful person, it makes your head clutter-free. You don’t have to remember all that you’ve said before because truth never changes. Its harder to swallow and get your head around but a simple realization and some acceptance turn all gloom to smiles. It makes you stronger. It lets you stand in the crowd and never lets you doubt your ability. You may fall in some eyes for being cruel and heartless but the confidence you impart to others is absolutely critical – both to you and them. Not only will people look up to you for advice and support but the respect you earn doing this is priceless.

Not that I haven’t ever lied to preach so much about truth but I’m changing and these are my first few steps to realize that self-respect is above all respects. This is my attempt to mend my reputation and gain further trust. I’m being brutal. I’m letting it all rip out from my heart always remembering that hiding the truth too is a form of lying and yet, not everyone needs to know everything about me. Sharing does relieve your heart but it also reduces the value of some of your cherished memories.

Speak the truth, for none can embrace you like you can.

What is Fear?

The clear answer should be – fear can be defined as the state of mind in which brain doesn’t allow the body or heart to perform certain tasks because of its intolerance to certain known consequences.

Correct me if I’m wrong people.

The next question I get in mind is – how do I use fear? If it’s so associated to our mind, there must be a way to use this state of mind for some profitable results. For me fear has a solitary result – the drive to get over it. I can proudly say it too – after a time during which I can analyze my fear, I almost inevitably get over it ‘coz I have then given my mind to analyze all the possible actions to counteract it and all the possible consequences. I think it would happen to most people.

But what if some people can’t get over a fear? Some dreadful images or situation just takes some people back to that moment when all that see is their fear. Would it then need some psychiatric help or can self-control help them?

We (me and my wife) went through something that has changed the dynamic of our relationship forever and at least I now know in my mind and heart that I will not be able to tolerate some particular situations because my mind would never know how to react to those situations? Is this fear or only anxiety taking over my mind and deluding it from seeing the obvious truth? Has it happened to anyone else out there?


The facts about truth are:

1. It’s easy to hear.

2. It makes you happy.

3. There are no afterthoughts.

4. The person speaking the truth just made a place for himself in someones heart.

5. It establishes a consistent level of lifelong trust.

Marriages and not relationships are made in heaven!

Marriage is not a relationship. Never confuse them. Marriage is a bond of love, honesty, truth and respect for each other. A relationship is a meek form of attachment so people can just remind each other that they may in near future get concerned about you and may need you to get concerned about them.

It’s my brothers wedding and I’m so excited – so excited that I’m yet to get my happiness mood throttling at full rev. I’m elated to say the least to watch him do the things that I did 3 years ago. He has always followed my footsteps – something I will always be proud of. He hasn’t repented it and so won’t I. The girl is a lass from a simple family like ours. Marriage was always on the cards and so there they are – together waiting for the D-day and I am elated – yooo-hooo!!! Marriages really are made in heaven (if one ever existed)!

Yet all of it seems to have been stolen by the fact that I will have to meet so many people, all at one time, in a single hotel with a lots of rooms. It’s scary to say the least.

Why why why??? Why some of us (like me of course) are scared rather mortified to meet new people? Is it the fear of getting ditched leaving you heart-broken again feeling the sad state of the world around you? Is it the fear of seeing your parents in agony again when all that they want is everyone’s happiness and yet the world around them would dish out the smelliest shit there is? Why is no one ever happy with the arrangements done at a wedding? Could have done this, could have done that – how is it that everyone at a wedding is a sudden expert at arranging weddings? Why won’t they just understand weddings don’t happen many times in a home and mistakes (if any) would be a part of any extravaganza? Is it too hard to understand that a person spends his lives’ earnings on his son’s marriage only to earn further rebuke and from whom – people who left when he was in need of care and help, people who back bit him and bitch behind him when they got a chance?

Can love and truth truly be unarmed? Can true concerns ever sound like genuine concerns?

I doubt so. We have become too self-centred. In an age when a son is not necessarily of his father, how can you trust people remotely connected to you to be truly concerned? They may be concerned but are only about their own comfort.

I say fuck them and move on ‘coz they’ll never truly love you not even on your grave.

Look at the coincidence – as I write it, I’m listening to the song “Life is a roller-coaster” by Ronan Keating and it has a line worth mentioning –

Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it.

Oh and let me dedicate this song to my wife for today!!!