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This blog attempts to gather views and reviews on hottest topics and not so hot topics and topics that escape our eyes in our extremely busy day-to-day lives. This is also trying to bring justice to our lives by spreading awareness of the world around us by bringing views from the other side of the coin too… It will also contain some ramblings of mine!

I have taken up another task just lately… to publish all the Dilbert comics for an entire year to solely challenge my diligence!

I have also added a menu that would contain links to all my self composed articles for an ease of following and up-keeping and so they never get lost! Named it “My Hand Writing”.


Update – 31st Dec’2013

Stopping Dilberts. My task to publish them for an year stands completed and think I can now congratulate myself to have established my diligence. I should no longer be seen creating any kind of buzz or following using Dilberts. It’ll be my sole endeavor to get whatever I get from my blog using my pieces only or things that I like and people may like. Nothing else.


Update – 10th Jan’2014

There was once a tiger who had a kid tiger. The greater tiger loved the kid and was a great teacher. The kid was too small to understand all what he taught, so small that once, he got lost in a flock of sheep. He went away with them and started living his life the way every sheep does, eating what every sheep eats and the charade. He grew up and he grew up fast continuing to believe that he was a sheep too.

Then one day, when father was out hunting for food he saw this flock of sheep and attacked but stopped when he recognized his son. He approached his son but his son was too scared of this tiger and ran for his life and hid by a river. His father followed him steadily and asked him to attack the flock so they can feed the family but the kid tiger wont come out of the bushes. Father then decided to push the tiger and showed him his reflection in the water. He matched himself with his father and then realized he was a tiger too and he never knew because no one was around him to ever tell him too.


You never know what you are until a teacher tells you. Why a teacher? A teacher has no interest in your fortunes. The only interest he has is to make you aware of everything around you and yourself. He seeks nothing from you and hence is the best gift that a student can have.

Most of our lives, we strive to find the perfect teacher who can show us exactly what we are and to make us understand the truth about the world around us.

My take on this line is, a teacher is the quickest way to learn for someone who has no time or not enough brain to reflect upon himself. When we were children, the basic frivolities of the world needed to be taught to us – the maths, the physics, the chemistry, the biology behind it for we couldn’t have understood those ourselves. A teacher hence, hastens things up so we are capable enough to fight a cruel world. But as adults, when we don’t have teachers anymore and life is our best teacher, when people around you look up to you, that is when you look within yourself and ask – are you showing them the right way?

I am in transition. From having got it all from teachers to bewilderment of the world. I am yet to find my best teacher – someone who can show me my reflection in a mirror called life. I am almost always confused and hence I am brutally honest most of the times. People hate me and I hate them. I bore them, they bore me. I am starting to believe that this is what my relationship with the world (as it stands) will remain. I can be very quiet outside and yet most of the times, I am violently unstable inside. There is a war of contradictions raging inside me. I want to take all the sides of life for everything and everyone seems to be right and just when I think I can start trusting them, they shatter whatever it is that is left of confidence. I actually am a firm believer of a thought – “Everyone has their own battles to fight out and we must respect theirs to win ours”!

129 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thank you so much for following 🙂 I’m having a terrible time holding a connection at the mo’ so amazed I got here so quick! I like your blog a lot…it’s offering something quite different and unique and as such has grabbed my attention…so thanks for letting me know about your existence here on w.p and welcome to the Pack!!! HooOOOOoooOOOOOOWWWWWwwwwwwLLLLLLLLLL!!!

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  2. Interesting blog…..so I am a Christian, and I am allowing Jesus to be my teacher, with the hope that one day I may see His reflection in me…..I also lean hard on Him and His strength to get rid of all my negativities……looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by… I followed you precisely because I think we may have a few things in common… I also write on apeekwithinblog.wordpress.com which depicts my journey in discovering myself and which you may like… Please do visit!

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  3. Thanks for reading the blog. If you’re interested check out my book link. Share with friends if you like. I appreciate it! Jim


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