Save Me – Miracle Cops

Maya had spoken but cops waited for a better contestable version. Her words weren’t enough for them to form a convincing story and so they waited while the doctors ascertained that Maya wasn’t raped. With her body reduced to a pulp, doctors had a hard time finding internal wounds and only machines using x-rays and ultrasounds could make any progress.

Amit meanwhile could only wait outside the door. The sparkling radiance on her face and the persistent saintly smile were awe-striking. He wondered why could she not just stand up and walk home. She still looked fresh except for the wounds on her swollen lips and a right blue eye. As tired as he was, he kept recalling the vision of Maya leaving the house that morning with him with his eyes closed abreast the broken turnstile. And once in a while he’d hear a crackling laugh, those innocent eyes, those soft hands, the feather-light touches and how she would always look so sexy.

A dream sequence that crashed with a tap on his right shoulder. He turned around to find Kumar, S.H.O. of Police of the area with a diary and a cellphone. “This ain’t gonna be good” – he snuffed.

“Is Maya your wife?” – Kumar asked. Amit nodded his confirmation.

“When did you last see her before hospital?” – Kumar kept noting the conversation occasionally looking up.

“What has that got to do with this situation?” – Amit bumped his volume.

“Doctors here are quite sure that this isn’t a rape case. If it’s molestation, even you are a suspect. Now answer my questions clearly.” – Kumar blew on Amits amped voice.

“We left home together and I dropped her at her office.” – Amit controlled himself.

“Was there any fight? Hows your married life?” – Kumar continued jotting his observations furiously.

“We’re very happy. No fights!” – Amit asserted.

“Do you have kids? – Kumar continued.

“Yes – two boys – Rahul and Sunny.” – Amit continued.

“Did you notice anything odd with her behavior recently?” – Kumar was unnerved.

“Like?” – Amit was curious now.

“Her sleeping pattern, her phone calls, her behavior with the children?” – Kumar was getting into the zone.

“Nothing. She is a lovely wife and an excellent mother.” – Amit wanted to get over with this fast. He wasn’t liking the line of questions.

“Do you have her phone? I would like to see her text messages and see whom had she been calling.” – Kumar got the police work going.

“I have it but why are you doubting her so much? She is the victim here!” – Amit wasn’t gonna let Kumar put Mayas reputation at stake.

“I am searching for a motive and the molesters.” – Kumar was now maintaining eye contact.

“What if I say that this was random and I don’t want this inquiry?” – Amit was stern.

“Nothing is random. There has to be a motive. Regarding the inquiry, it’s not for you to decide. An FIR has to be lodged and she will need to be transferred to a bigger hospital where tests will be done.” – Kumar calmly explained the ways.

Amit was having none of it though – “She hasn’t been raped and I don’t want to press any charges for molestation. I know it was random and you will find no motive.”

“Tell me something. Are you or aren’t you involved in this? You definitely sound like you are.” – Kumar got his flair talking.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I LOVE MY WIFE!” – Water had just risen past Amits head.

“Then why do you want to abandon this inquiry? We assure you that you or your familys reputation will suffer no harm. No names are used but we want to bring the culprits to justice and I think so should you! During the procedure, you may have to only pop into the police station twice or thrice and I assure you, you won’t be bothered.” – Kumar was perplexed.

“She wants to lead a peaceful life and we don’t want any disturbance. This is very disturbing already and only God knows what she has been through tonight. The cops in the hospital have already started prepping stories about her. If you want to control something, control their tongues. Whatever has happened tonight, she’ll want to forget it as soon as possible and you and your inquiry won’t let her forget it. I will not see my wife disturbed ever again and I take full responsibility for my decisions. My decision is – I don’t want an inquiry and so doesn’t she, so leave us alone.” – Amit had taken his stand and withered away from the conversation wanting an end to it.

Kumar understood this and said – “I’ll still need Mayas statement to make a report and am outside in my car. Let me know if you want to tell me something. And please give me her cellphone so I can get an unofficial inquiry done while I’m here.”

Amit didn’t realize the only mistake he was about to make and handed him the phone. Kumar trudged off.

Talking to Kumar had planted some doubts in Amits mind particularly about Kumar and his intentions but he’ll wait for Maya to narrate the story. He knew he couldn’t take chances. He was again looking into the room where Maya was housed. All he wanted was to somehow hug her tight and let her know he’ll be there for her forever and nothing could change his love for her.

He looked outside the window where Kumar was working furiously on Mayas phone with his right hand and was talking on his own with his left. He wondered what was Kumar up to. And where the hell is Gaurav?

9 thoughts on “Save Me – Miracle Cops”

    1. It’s in my draft since 3 months now! Can’t find the inspiration to turn a real life event into something theatrical… I’ve run out of words to simplify the emotions!


          1. Welcome, I’m too on learning path & in past had one story published in Contemporary Literary Review India. Now, I’m fixed on the genre that I’d like to write and I’m reading as many fictions as possible in that genre. There’re a few good books on writing suggested by already published authors, I’ve not bought them as I’ll buy them from US at cheaper rates. Here is a book by Damon Knight about which I read a lot from authors:
            Also, there is an online magazine: Writer’s Digest, it has a series called “Elements of Fiction Writing” that you can buy from amazon.


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