Here I Come

Are you following me? Are you snooping on me? Do you hear my conversations? I sometimes feel that some guy from WordPress has a transmitter inside my body. They normally send out a prompt everyday that relates to things I’ve recently heard or done – things that really evoke my thoughts. But I don’t quite understand how does my confidence relate to being an imposter. Can’t I be a confident imposter?

I’m confident. I remain confident and I’ve recently been told – I’ve started to even sound confident for once in my life. I’m making a lot of important decisions for our betterment and things are finally starting to make all sorts of sense. I’m finally able to demand my rights and go after them. But as is the case with most people on this planet – it’s still sinking in, this power I now behold. It’s unbelievable, the freedom that this power brings to me. And it’s doing wonders to my confidence – something that I’d lost over time being grilled and drilled under the pressure applied by life.

I’m over it now. I’m doing better. I now look at this world with a different perspective and the colors seem so much brighter. And all this because my confidence is right up. I can now run for my goals. But only with time. It’ll need a lot of patience. I’ll need love and the strength I’ll draw from it. I’ll need to cover my back to hide the marks left from the thrashing I’ve withstood over time. I can now see eye to eye of the beast inside of me and commandeer him.

I now look at my past and what I’d become over time. I behaved like a soaked and cornered cat. Mewing loud like I’d scare someone while all I got was sympathy – ohhh poor Samir! Not any more. Watch out!! Here I come!!!

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29 thoughts on “Here I Come”

  1. I can see you’ve sharpened your tools well. WordPress doesn’t have a transmitter but a better device with which it makes you speak your mind, the prompts that you use to tell about yourself is a great help.I am telling you these prompts will help them write a biography of us. I sometimes use fiction to write.


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