My first successful job interview – To Char Minar and back!

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After having that heart attack of a time with the three-wheeler driver, I had to meet the concerned people who would give all the heartbeat skipping moments through the day. Yes I’m talking about the interviewers and I was shit scared ‘coz I wasn’t so sure of my preparations. What would their subject of the questions be, how many rounds will I have to face and no one around was ready to give me anything valuable that would soothe my nerves.

As the day panned out, we (me and some friends I had made) had appeared for a written test and two interviews. It was already 6 o’clock and as the year was nearing its end, the night had arrived earlier too. We were very anxious and quite frankly tired too as it had been awhile since we had been entertained by anyone from the company and then right on cue it was announced that 2 more rounds of interviews would be conducted as the number of shortlisted candidates could not be further reduced on their separate abilities. So the interviews will now be harder and we started appearing for them one by one, some 35-36 of us. It was now 9 PM and the results were announced and BAM!!! Only 2 candidates were selected.

I was pissed – they wanted to select only 2 candidates out of some 300 that had appeared that day? They had got to be kidding us but they weren’t and we were shown their doors. It left me heartbroken quite literally.

We would then catch the first bus available that night for Hyderabad.

It was early morning when we reached Hyderabad. Made through the day doing the usual stuff and attending my classes as well. There were rumors already about Accenture hiring in Hyderabad but nothing was quite sure and I didn’t give a heed to it. Tired as I was, I came back to my room and just as I touched base at my bed, I got a phone call – you have to attend Accenture interview in Chennai – these were quite literally the words from our receptionist. Bugged as I was, I called my dad and asked if should I go and he said – see if you can, if you are tired skip this interview. I went to a few friends and they had all started preparing for the interview. I couldn’t study but I would for sure attend, what else better could I have done in Hyderabad as well? And so I got my reservation done and for once I got a seat by a whisker in Char-Minar express. Man, that was some relief. I could at least sleep for some time in the train and so I did – slept like a log!

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