Ode to My BFF

Oh boy! How many best friends do I have (see how syntactically incorrect this question is)? 1… 2… 3… See when you say “BEST” friend, you’re only supposed to have one, the best one (see how I’m pointing out the singular function here)! Ones who aren’t the best are the better ones.

So I have 3 better friends, all humans. If you morons are reading this (‘Chucker’ Anuj, ‘Fucker’ Mohan and ‘Gittu’ Maddy), ‘Sucker’ Samir says, you are my brothers and not just friends. You are people who own a part of my life. Cheers!

I ask though – do we talk only about people or are objects included? Well you see, it’s for me to decide and I chose an object as my best friend!

Who is a best friend?

Someone who’s there with you when you need him (or “it” in my case), someone to understand you when you are down, share your best moments, play pranks on you when you least expect it (I did “it” again), someone who takes you to your best place and shields you from bad influences, is ready to call your shots when you aren’t. Best friends don’t advise – look closely, they are your best advice. They stand by you when you are at your best taking on the world. Each day, every day! Do you ever need to keep your best friend close? No, for they always are.

OK! Enough of this shit. I can’t carry on with this philosophy. You see, I’m too closed and shut for the world for it’s liking, and when I need to take a peek into that world, I use my best friend – the ever reliable, my PC! A safe bet, always close, ready when you need it, my entertainment, my shield, my Achilles heels, my second love!

I talk to it, it talks back. Who the hell gives a damn to emotions? I don’t need them. It provides me with everything I need. It’s my bread and butter, my everyday learning, my escape to that perfect little corner of the house and office where I’m alone and left to my mind. It knows which songs cheer me up. It’s the answer to all my questions.

Me and my PC are best buddies for life.


How did I meet him? I had to drop a laptop from a sofa and break the screen to get a new PC, a gift from my brother so far but I promised to pay him back and I’m gonna pay him, someday. Be hopeful bro, the day shall arrive. 😉

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