Daily Prompt – Money for Nothing

Dream Job? Is there ever one? Isn’t the grass always greener on the other side?

Imagine a room full of servers and everything that a company or a firm does has to go through you. They have no way out of it. You designed the system and their money depends on it. I am responsible for everything I built and run. That’s my ideal job.

Do I have it? Well I’m close to it. I’m learning things as I go and 7 years into my industry, I can safely say that I’ve learnt a lot of what I do. I create things alone, run them, serve my clients, make money for my company.

My ideal job isn’t actually a job. It’s the conditions that’ll suggest if it’s ideal. I don’t like being bossed over. I mean, let me have things my way. Don’t create a hostile environment around me. It suffocates me, it takes the breath out of my creativity and prevents me from giving my best. Any job that doesn’t involve these conditions, is my ideal job.

Do I earn the money I want? My question is – is any money ever enough?

By the way, I got promoted yesterday! Yayyyy!



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